If you drive a car on Croatian D8 road between Rogoznica and Sibenik, you will hardly miss noticing a beautiful small peninsula with unique shape. The place is called Primosten. Primosten is beautiful, small, and charming town. Being rapidly growing Croatian tourist destination, It's catchy for visitors who look for a quiet place to spend their holidays. Nevertheless, it does not lack the liveliness of big destinations.

Beautiful Primosten

Primosten consists of two peninsulas and a few small villages located above the road D8. The first peninsula is called Primosten (could be noticed from the road) and the second one is Raduca. It is said that in the past Primosten was an island, but locals wanted to connect it to the mainland, so they built an embankment.

The other peninsula, Raduca, is today mostly known for hotel Zora, the biggest hotel complex in the town. It features lots of accommodation options, even affordable ones.

Primosten is known in the world for the first-class red wine called Babic. You can taste the wine in any of the restaurants in the town.

In addition to the cultivation of vines, olive cultivation has been an integral part of the town's economy. Olive oil is of the highest quality.

There is a famous marina for yachts and boats called Kremik only a few kilometres away from the town.


I went to Primosten from my apartment in Split by car. The easiest way to reach it was to take a ride on D8 state road, which is located near the sea and passes through places like Trogir and Rogoznica.

The ride took me less than an hour and a half, and there was no high traffic. The trip was pleasant. I parked my car near the centre of the place. The price for parking was 10 kunas (1.5 euros) per hour.

If you are not arriving by car, you can take a bus from Sibenik or Split.
The nearest airport is Split Airport.

There are three types of accommodation: hotels, private apartments and camping.

The best option is Hotel Zora. It features amazing and affordable rooms with numerous facilities like tennis courts, table tennis, swimming pools, the vicinity of the beach and the old town.

Hotel Zora

The second option is accommodation in apartments. The most beautiful one is Villa Malo Misto, located 5 kilometres away from the town centre. It is ideal for those who want to combine a quiet and lively holiday.

Villa Malo Misto

The third option is accommodation in Camp Adriatic, which is located a few kilometres north of the centre.

Primosten Camp

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I liked the place at first glance. The city was clean and decorated. I felt that locals wanted to give visitors the best possible experience of their visit.
The place features many restaurants and coffee bars which are finely embedded in the image of a small cute Mediterranean place.

Restaurant near the sea
Marina Kremik

The town is featured by kilometres of the pebble beach with the nice and crystal sea. That's probably one of its main tourist aces. Just above the beaches, there is a beautiful promenade along the sea. The promenade passes around the whole peninsula Raduca and continues all the way to the Camp, which is located a few kilometres north of the place.

Beaches on Raduca

The most monumental building is the church of St. George. It is located at the highest point of the peninsula. The church was built in Renaissance style in the 15th century. Bell tower was built in the 20th century.

Church of St. George

Another interesting place to visit is statue Our Lady of Loreto, located on the hill between Primosten town and Marina Kremik. I recommend not going there by car because the road is not asphalted. Instead, you can leave a car somewhere near D8 road, and climb the hill on foot. It takes around 20 minutes to climb at the top of the hill. Take some water with you because it may be a little exhausting. Avoid going there during the hot sunny time.
In addition to visiting the statue, you can have a beautiful panoramic view of the peninsula from the top of the hill. You can drink your favourite drink in a small coffee bar located just near the statue.

Statue Our Lady of Loreto

A few kilometres south of the town there is one of the most famous nightclubs of Croatia tourism, called Aurora.

Aurora is opened during months July and August. Its program includes famous Croatian and Balkan singer stars, famous world's DJs, ladies nights and foam parties. Entrance fee is in range 5 - 30 euros, depending on performance.

The easiest way to reach Aurora is by car, taxi or Uber. The ride from the centre takes less than 15 minutes.

If you want to enjoy a more peaceful atmosphere during the early night you can visit any of the pubs located in the centre of the town. Many of them organise live music events, usually with one or two singers playing country or rock music on guitar. I can say these evenings in can be really pleasing, especially if you like that kind of music.

What is the best time to visit Primosten?

Tourists arrive in period May - October. If you want to enjoy more quiet experience of the town, you should visit in May or October. However, if you want more lively atmosphere and warm water for swimming, July and August are the best time to visit.

How to get to Primosten from Split?

The easiest way of transportation is bus. There is a bus line departing from Split almost every hour.
Another option is to rent a car, or take a private transfer.

Which events will be held in Primosten in 2020?

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