If you find yourself somewhere near Grebastica, for example in Primosten or Zaboric, you may want to visit an amazing attraction from the period of Venice-Ottoman wars called Grebastica defense wall, situatied on penninsula Ostrica. Local people sometimes refere to it as "Chinese wall", since it is the biggest fortification wall in Sibenik area.

Defence wall in Grebastica
Defence wall in Grebastica
Defence wall detail
Defence wall detail

Grebastica defense wall location

The fortification wall is located on a peninsula called Oštrica. You can reach it by car, bike, or walking. Drive on the Croatian state D8 and go to Galešnica, a small sub-village of Grebastica. Immediately after turning to Galešnica, turn right to the fire-road which will lead you directly to the site.
If you feel your car is not suitable for driving on the fire-road towards the locality, you can leave it somewhere in Galesnica and reach the fortification wall by walking. It will take less than half an hour to reach the site.

If you stay in Grebastica, Sparadici, or Bilo, you can rent a kayak, and reach the wall from sea side. You will have a chance to enjoy a beautiful preserved nature of peninsula Ostrica, one of the hidden gems of Croatia.

Fire road towards the defense wall in Galesnica
Fire road towards the defense wall in Galesnica
View of Zaboric from the site
View of Zaboric from the site

The wall was built at the end of the 15th century due to constant Turkish attacks from the hinterland. The Osman army was controlling part of Sibenik hinterland and wanted to conquer Sibenik and other sea villages. That's why, at that time, Venice built many fortification objects in the area, including monumental St. Nicholas fortress, and Grebastica defence wall.

Historical facts say that the defence wall was important in the sea battle which took place in 1499 when more than 3000 Ottoman soldiers tried to conquer the wall and Grebastica, but they were blocked by Venetian and Croatian armies.

Over the last few years, the wall and nearby area was maintained by conservators, which made it easy to visit and explore.

Wall detail
Wall detail
Peninsual Ostrica is gidden gem
Peninsual Ostrica is gidden gem

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