Baska Voda is a small Croatian tourist destination located 50 kilometres south of Split and 10 kilometres north of Makarska, just near Brela.
I went there for an evening visit on June 11, 2019.

Baska Voda sunset
Baska Voda sunset

How did I arrive in Baska Voda

Baska Voda can be easily reached by car or bus. I went there by car from Split. It took me 1.5 hours to reach the place. I was driving along the coastal road D8. It was easy to find and approach the town centre, where I left my car.

Parking price was 2.5 euros per hour. It's a little bit higher than the average price for parking in Croatia. My guess is that the local government wants to avoid crowds and traffic jam to keep the intimacy of the place. That's why they put so high parking prices. But anyway, Baska Voda gets crowded during high season months July and August. That's why I recommend visiting in June or September (if possible) to fully enjoy the beauty of the place.

Baska Voda Riva
Baska Voda Riva

I can say Baska Voda is a small, beautiful, and intimate place. Its beauty lies in soothes which is hard to describe in words, but can be easily felt while being there. You can feel a true Mediterranean atmosphere.

Additionally, Baska Voda features many attractive pebble beaches. They are even more beautiful during the late afternoon when the sun goes down. I enjoyed one of the most beautiful sunsets in Baska Voda.

Early evenings are also pleasurable. Couples, friends and families are enjoying walks along the sea. Some of them sit in one of the numerous bars and restaurants. Few of them organize live music events.

Baska Voda paradise
Baska Voda paradise

Baska Voda features free entrance archaeological museum, which is located in the centre of the place. Although the museum exhibit is not too rich, it's worth to set aside a few minutes for the visit (especially because it's free).
Some of the exhibits are from ancient times, which is a sign that people lived there during Greece time. Other exhibits are from the Middle Ages.

Another museum worth visiting is a maritime museum, located just a hundred meters away from the archaeological museum.

Baska Voda archaeological museum
Baska Voda archaeological museum

Church of St. Nicholas was built in neo-Romanesque style. Besides being a great architectural achievement, it's also a parish church where you can attend Mass on Sundays if you decide to stay in Baska Voda.

St. Nicholas church bell tower
St. Nicholas church bell tower

Two more interesting cultural sights are baroque church of St. Lawrence, and archaeological remains of the Roman fort.

St. Lawrence church
St. Lawrence church

Beaches in the town are really beautiful, as you can see in the photos. Most of them are pebble beaches. The forest gives a beautiful greenish colour to the sea and also provides shade.

Baska Voda beaches
Baska Voda beaches
Baska Voda beach
Baska Voda beach

There are really nice beach bars and restaurants in the town. I decided to take a coffee in a beach bar called Zanzi Bar. The atmosphere in the bar and the view of the sea was great. Price for a coffee with milk was 1.5 euros.
Next place I visited was the restaurant called Papagaj. The pizza was delicious and the waiter was kind. Pizza price was 7 euros.

I believe that all the bars and restaurants in Baska Voda strive to offer their guests the highest level of service, so you can hardly go wrong when choosing such a place.

Baska Voda features all necessary tourist facilities. There are numerous bars and restaurants, offering all kinds of food. You can eat commonly known food like pizza, spaghetti, meat, hamburgers, or you can taste Mediterranean specialities. Every few hundred meters there is an ice cream shop with various aromas. Price for ice cream is around 1 euro. Price for a coffee in the average bar is between 1.5-2 euros.

Numerous tourist agencies organize day tours to Hvar (Bol) or Blue Cave at Bisevo.

Houses are nice and decorated in Baska Voda
Houses are nice and decorated in Baska Voda

Baska Voda is worth visiting. If you decide to stay there, you will not regret. If you decide to stay elsewhere, I recommend coming to this beautiful place at least for an evening walk.

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