Let's imagine this situation: you come in Hvar town in May, and it's sunny day. You sit down in pizzeria, and you are the only guest there. And all other pizzerias are closed. And there are no people walking on Riva.
In normal circumstances, you would say this situation is impossible. But that's exactly how does Hvar town look like on May 22, 2020, at the time of writing this text. It's unbelievable how did coronavirus change our lifestyle.

Hvar town is beautiful and empty waiting for you
Hvar town is beautiful and empty waiting for you

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  1. Should you visit Hvar town in 2020
  2. Top Hvar's town attractions in 2020
  3. Accommodation in Hvar Town

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Should you visit Hvar town in 2020

While walking through the old town and Riva, which were almost completely empty, I could feel that town wanted to say it's tired. Metaphorically speaking, the town wants to take a break. It needs a rest from all that hype, all those parties, and glamour which has been built over the past ten years.

I believe this year is a great chance for those who want to experience small places like Hvar town in a more intimate atmosphere to really do so. Those who are looking for party and hype probably will not have much luck; they will have to wait for the next year.
Let's see what's interesting to see in Hvar in 2020.

Hvar harbour
Hvar harbour
Hvar town promenade along the sea
Hvar town promenade along the sea

The centre of Hvar's life is St. Stephen's square, located only 100 meters away from the main bus station in Hvar town. Normally, there are hundreds of people walking up and down through this beautiful place. In 2020. the square is empty, waiting for those who like sightseeing to sit down, appreciate its masterpiece of art, and enjoy it to the fullest.

Church and square of St. Stephen
Church and square of St. Stephen

Next attraction is Riva, promenade along the sea. Riva is usually loaded with people and restaurants, but in 2020. it will be more intimate. Take a walk at Riva and feel its Mediterranean atmosphere.

Hvar town riva
Hvar town riva

After a few hundred meters walk on Riva, you will notice Francisian monastery. They have a museum. Take a look at it if they open it.

Franciscan monastery in Hvar town
Franciscan monastery in Hvar town

One of the significant features of almost all Croatian towns located by the sea is the fortification. In the Middle Ages and later periods, there was a constant danger of Turkish invasions. That is why these towns had to be fortified, and Hvar is among them. The most prominent fortification building is fortress Spanjola. It will take you around 20 minutes to climb the fortress. I recommend it because you will have a nice panoramic view of the town.

Fortress Spanjola
Fortress Spanjola

There are many other small and interesting churches in the town, which you will notice while walking. I would point out the Church of St. Spirit, and the Church Our Lady Star of the Sea.

Crystal clear sea in Hvar town
Crystal clear sea in Hvar town
Hvar town is worth visiting after coronavirus crisis
Hvar town is worth visiting after coronavirus crisis

Hvar Town provides great accommodation deals in 2020, considering the fact there will be reduced number of visitors. We recommend checking booking.com for best deals in Hvar Town, or take a look at the map below. As you can see, prices for many apartments, even luxury ones, are dropped up to 50%.

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