The small settlement, located at the east of island Hvar, called Sucuraj, is a beautiful intimate tourist place, usually overlooked one in favour of more famous Hvar town and Stari Grad. We will see why is Sucuraj an interesting spot, and who may find it compelling to visit or spend holidays in.


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  1. Sucuraj location
  2. How to reach Sucuraj
  3. Attractions in Sucuraj
  4. Accommodation in Sućuraj
  5. Restaurants in Sucuraj

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Sucuraj location

Being located at the easternmost part of Hvar island, Sucuraj is not a destination for top Croatian tourist guides. Instead, it's a place with original Mediterranean culture. If you are looking for a tourist spot where you can buy fish directly from fishermen, where you can see fishing nets on the coast, instead of fancy bars, then Sucuraj is definitely for you. On the contrary, if you look for a more urban experience of your trip, you should consider more lively places Stari Grad and Hvar Town, located on the west side of the island.

Fisherman's boats
Fisherman's boats

The easiest way to reach Sucuraj is by ferry from Drvenik, a small town located in the south of Makarska Riviera. The ticket price is only 13 kuna (1.8 euros) for an adult passenger and 90 kuna (12 euros) for a car. The ride, which takes only 35 minutes, is operated by Jadrolinija.
Check the schedule on Jadrolinija's website.

The second option is to take a ferry from Split to Stari Grad, and then take a bus from Stari Grad to Sucuraj, which operates only a few times a week. That's a more expensive option.


Sucuraj's identity is strongly associated with fishing and other sea activities. While walking along the Riva, you will notice fishing nets and fishermen. If you are lucky, you could buy fresh fish from them immediately after fishing.

Another important feature of Sucuraj is its geographical position - it is closest to the mainland of all the settlements on Hvar. That fact has benefited the local population throughout history, as the place was the main transit port for the island. On the other hand, it was a drawback because all the armies that wanted to conquer Hvar landed right in Sucuraj. Turkish devastation has been particularly common throughout history.


Among the architectural achievements, the church of St. George stands out the most. It was built in the 19th century, on the remains of a former Gothic church, whose written record dates from 1331. Next to the church, there is a Franciscan monastery.

Church of St. George
Church of St. George

Almost all the houses and buildings in Sucuraj are attractions in themselves: they are built of beautiful Mediterranean stone.

Nice stone houses
Nice stone houses

A statue of a woman with a fish is located in a park in the centre of town. Such a monument vividly reveals people's connection to the sea.

Woman with fish
Woman with fish

A monument to the victims of World War II is also located in the centre of town. Many anti-fascists from Sucuraj were killed in the fight against the Germans during WW2.

Monument to victims of WW2
Monument to victims of WW2

Sucuraj's Riva is a nice place to take a walk along the sea. If you arrive in the morning, you can buy fish from local fishermen, who just came back from fishing.


When looking for accommodation in Sućuraj, search for those hosts who will prepare homemade specialities for you, such as grilled fish spiced with olive oil, cooked octopus and various kinds of mussels.

The best-rated accommodation option in Sucuraj is apartments Toplak.
Check other options on Sucuraj's page, or on the map below:

Being located near the ferry port, Sucuraj is a suitable place for good restaurants. The best one is called Gusarska Luka, featuring high-quality and affordable homemade food. You can get really decent meal for only 10 - 15 euros.

Gusarska Luka's mixed meat
Gusarska Luka's mixed meat

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