Vodice is small Croatia tourist destination located 10 kilometers north of Sibenik. It is popular among young visitors who look for lively places. The place features great hotels, beaches and nightlife.
I went there for a visit on May 25, 2019.

Vodice promenade along the sea
Vodice promenade along the sea

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  1. About Vodice
  2. How to arrive in Vodice
  3. First impressions of Vodice
  4. Things to do in Vodice
  5. Vodice nightlife
  6. Accommodation in Vodice

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About Vodice

The name "Vodice" was first mentioned in written papers in 1402., although it's known that people lived there during the Roman age. There are some pieces of evidence that life in that area existed in prehistoric times.

"Vodice" in the Croatian language means "waters". It's named that way because of plenty of water sources. People from Sibenik used Vodice for their water supply since Sibenik was a dry place until it started to use river Krka as a water source.

Throughout history main economic activity in the town was agriculture. Especially important was growing olives and vines. Today's main activity is tourism and locals are focusing most of their efforts to provide visitors with the best experience of their holidays.

I went by car from Sibenik. The trip was comfortable and it took me only 10 minutes to arrive there. I parked the car in the centre of the city, with the price of 0.8 euro/hour. There was plenty of space, but during summer you will need to be more patient while driving because the city will be more crowded.

If you are not arriving by car in Croatia, you can take a bus from any of the major Croatian cities like Sibenik, Split, Zadar or Zagreb.
The nearest airport is Zadar Airport.

Vodice is a cute lovely town. I could feel it immediately after leaving the car. It was a nice spring day and visitors were enjoying a walk on the coast. Others were having a coffee in one of the many coffee bars. The beaches were not yet arranged because it was too early for swimming, except for a few courageous spring swimmers.

Beach in Vodice
Beach in Vodice

Vodice coast features all facilities necessary for the top tourist destination. There are all kinds of beaches: concrete pebble and sandy. The beaches I liked most are the Plava Beach and Olympia Beach. Both are located near the two biggest hotels in the town: Olympia and Imperial. I also liked the concrete beaches of special shape near the hotel Punta.

Vodice beach near hotel Punta
(© Silverije / CC-BY-SA-3.0)

There are many other facilities such as fast food, coffee bars, restaurants, and services of renting chairs, jet skis, boats, bikes and motorcycles. Tourist agencies organize tours to Krka National Park and Kornati.
The most interesting monument on the Riva is a monument dedicated to victims of the Second World War. It's also worth mentioning the parish church of St. Cross, which was built in Gothic Style.

Find more info on Vodice's tourist board page

Monument to victims of Second World War
Monument to victims of Second World War

If you are a party animal, then Vodice should be among the top of your vacation choices.
Season of nightlife starts in June, with CMC festival. It is the most famous festival of pop music in Croatia.

July and August are months of intensive nightlife. Visitors can choose from many nightclubs in the town. I would point out a nightclub called Makina, which is usually the first night out destination. People gather there at 11 pm and stay until 1 am when the club closes and it's time to choose the next nightlife destination.

The most famous late-night places are clubs Exit and Hacienda. Exit Club is located in the centre of the city, and Hacienda is located at the entrance to the town. You need to take a taxi to reach Hacienda.
Hacienda is known as an elite nightclub featuring many popular Croatian and foreign singers and DJs.

The place is not lively only during the night, but also during the day. You may notice that many beach bars have a DJ playing music all day long.

There are luxury hotels located a hundred meters away from the coast. The most featured hotel is Olympia with beautiful rooms and balcony with sea view.

Hotel Olympia
Hotel Olympia

Another highly popular hotel is Scala-d'Oro, located 500 meters from Hangar Beach, featuring luxury rooms and swimming pool.

Scala d'Oro
Scala d'Oro

Other accommodation options are listed on the map below, provided by our partner booking.com

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