What places should I visit in Croatia in 2022? Where to stay? That's a common kind of questions that people who are interested in Croatia ask. We will give an overview of the top destinations.

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Split is the top destination of Croatia in 2022. The number of Split's visitors doubled in the last five years. No wonder, because the city has many attractions that appeal to all generations. It would be enough to mention spectacular Diocletian's Palace, beaches Bacvice and Kasjuni or hill Marjan. Furthermore, the city is the host of Ultra Europe Festival, one of the most prominent European music events.

Split is a bit crowded during July and August. If you want more intimate experience of your visit, stay in Split during May, June, September, or October.

Riva in Split
Riva in Split

Sibenik is another highly growing destination. A lot of money has been invested in Sibenik's tourism in recent years. Fortresses St. Michael, Barone, and St. Nicholas have been reconstructed. Some people say they are now even more attractive than Dubrovnik's fortification.

Alongside fortification, Sibenik features St. James Cathedral, a UNESCO protected Renaissance monument built entirely of stone. The landscape of river Krka and St. Anthony's channel represents an exceptional natural beauty of Sibenik.

There are a few luxury hotels located in or near Sibenik. Hotel Bellevue, currently the best accommodation option, was constructed on Riva in 2018. Other hotels worth mentioning are the Solaris and D-Resort Sibenik.

St. Nicholas fortress
St. Nicholas fortress

Do you want to listen to the sea playing music? Doesn't that sound fascinating? You can experience it in Zadar. The sea organ, located at Zadar Riva, plays music made by sea waves. You can notice many people enjoying sounds produced by this unique instrument.

There are more interesting things to see and visit in Zadar. Sacral objects from Romanesque and Gothic period have been preserved. Cathedral of St. Anastasia is a Romanesque masterpiece of art. Just a few meters away from the Cathedral, there is Church of St. Donat, another Romanesque sacral object.

Sea organ
Sea organ

Dubrovnik is the most famous Croatian destination. The main attractions of Dubrovnik are the old city and city walls. Dubrovnik also features imposing history. It was not conquered for hundreds of years despite numerous enemies. It's unbelievable how such a small city could preserve its independence for a long time. The main reasons for that were good diplomatic skills and amazing walls all around the city.

Minimum visit to Dubrovnik would include taking a walk on the main city street - Stradun, and tour of city walls.

Dubrovnik is today the destination of the world elite. Recently, Christiano Ronaldo was noticed in the town. Another interesting fact is that a few Game of Thrones episodes was recorded in the town as well.
If you manage to travel this year, Dubrovnik should be your top choice. The intimate atmosphere of the town is a rare opportunity that will show up after the coronavirus crisis.

View from the walls
View from the walls

If you look for a quiet yet lively places in Croatia, then you should consider Makarska Riviera. It consists of a few pearls of Croatia tourism: Brela, Baska Voda, Makarska, and Tucepi. Each of these destinations features exceptional coast with pebble beaches. Makarska is a little more lively place, while Brela, Baska Voda and Tucepi are more intimate.

Baska Voda paradise
Baska Voda paradise

The most attractive Croatian island is Hvar. The beauty of the Hvar's coast, the beaches, and the Mediterranean atmosphere will hardly leave anyone unimpressed.

The most common way of arrival to Hvar is a ferry line from Split. During the summer season ferries operate few times a day in both directions. After arrival to Hvar ferry port, you need to take bus or taxi to Hvar town.

Minimum visit to Hvar town would include climbing to the fortress Spanjola, taking a walk on amazing Riva, and sightseeing of the old town. The most prominent building is Cathedral of St. Stephen, located just 100 meters away from the bus station in Hvar town.

Hvar beauty
Hvar beauty

Plitvice Lakes is the most famous Croatian attraction. It is hard to find a Croatia travel plan which would not include at least a day visit to Plitvice. Many visitors decide to stay overnight, because one day may not be enough for enjoying all the experience that National Park can provide.

A typical day in Plitvice includes boat and train rides, walking around the Lakes, and enjoying beautiful views.

Plitvice Lakes
Plitvice Lakes

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