Makarska is known as top south Croatia destination, alongside Dubrovnik and Split. I went there for a visit on March 23, 2019.

I went there by car from Split. There were two options: to use sea road D8 or highway A1. I choose D8 road since there was no toll and traffic jam. But if I went during the summer season, I would consider A1, because of high traffic and occasional traffic jam near Podstrana and Omis.

Buses from Split to Makarska depart every few hours, and if you are not in Croatia by car, then a coach is the option.

The trip was comfortable. It took me one hour to reach the place, and there were no many cars on the road. I parked just near the Makarska's ferry port, in the centre of the city. Parking price was 1 euro, and there was plenty of parking space. But during summer (June - September), the parking price is 3 euros/hour for zone 1, which is the most expensive parking I ever saw in Croatia. Price for zone 2, which includes parking places located a few hundred meters away from the centre is 2 euros.

City administration wants to demote people to use their cars during summer in the city centre, so they put really high parking prices. I recommend leaving a car in zone 2. You will get an acceptable price and a short distance from all the attractions.

Makarska features old town, which is pretty much similar to other coastal places like Sibenik or Trogir. Interesting attractions of the old town include streets, squares, and buildings, mostly from Renaissance and Baroque. The most beautiful place is the square of St. Mark, featuring church of St. Mark, the monument to Andrija Kacic Miosic (famous Croatian writer), and the old faucet.

Church of St. Mark
Andrija Kacic Miosic monument

Another building worth mentioning is a Franciscan church, monastery, and museum which is closed during the winter season.

Franciscan monastery

Apart from the old town, Makarska features a beautiful promenade near the sea - "Riva". That's a place of romantic and family walks and socializing.
Just as you would expect, there are numerous tourist facilities on Riva including bars, restaurants, nightclubs, fast foods, ice-cream shops, and bakeries. Tourist agencies organizing tours to Hvar, Brac, Krka, and other popular Croatian tourist destinations.

Riva features a few sculptures made by modern sculptors, most of which I liked the Monument to a Tourist, made in 2004.

Makarska Riva
Monument to a tourist

Price for entering city museum is only 1.5 euros. Museum exhibition includes basic facts about the history of the town and nearby places (Brela, Baska Voda, Podgora, Tucepi). It's known that the first inhabitants were living in Makarska during the Stone Age. The most prominent buildings were built during the Baroque period including the cathedral and square of St. Mark, today's main city square.

Makarska city museum

After visiting the old town, it was time for me to take a walk on beautiful St. Peter peninsula. I enjoyed walking along the sea, with pleasant spring weather and breeze.

St. Peter peninsula

The peninsula features promenade which is ideal for jogging, walking, and cycling.

St. Peter walkway

There are two interesting sights on the peninsula: the church of St. Peter and the lighthouse.

St. Peter's church
St. Peter's lighthouse

Next to St. Peter's peninsula there is a big complex of beaches, which is a few kilometres long. I could see at first sight that the beaches were beautiful. During summer, the area is lively and full of people, since there are many hotels and apartments. Just as you would expect, there are also bars, ice-cream shops, jet-ski rental services, water parks, beach equipment stores, and all the other necessary facilities.
What fascinated me was the quality of the sea: although there are many houses and hotels, the sea is crystal clear with a beautiful greenish colour.

Makarska beach
Hotel Meteor alongside beach
Hotel Park alongside beach

Makarska is a compound of beautiful and modern beach complex on one side, and the old city with Riva on the other. The distance between these two parts is only a few hundred meters.
Furthermore, Makarska is highly arranged and welcoming tourist destination,. The city authorities and all those working in tourism did their best to bring each guest the best experience possible. That's why I am not surprised by the huge interest of visitors to this small, charming city.

For those who like hiking and mountain biking, there is a mountain called Biokovo located above the city, which I will be exploring soon.

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