Instead of searching for more glamorous tourist destinations in Croatia like Split and Dubrovnik, many visitors look for small hidden gems alongside the Adriatic coast. One of them is Bilo, a small coastal village located near town Primosten.

Untouched coast in Bilo
Untouched coast in Bilo

Tourism in Bilo

Bilo is a small coastal tourist destination ideal for family and romantic vacations. There is no unnecessary noise in the village: no clubs, or any other large public gatherings. Even during the summer season, this place retains its intimacy.
That's why Bilo is an ideal spot for those who like staying on a beach and enjoying the sun and the sea in a more intimate fashion.

One of the most important tourist assets of Bilo is five kilometres long promenade along the sea, which ends in Primosten.
The promenade is ideal for recreation, cycling, romantic, and family walk. It's one of the most beautiful promenades on the whole Adriatic coast.

The village features a restaurant and mini-market, which are open only during the summer season. If you want to do some more serious shopping, you should visit nearby Primosten, which provides more options.

Beautiful promenade near the sea in Bilo
Beautiful promenade near the sea in Bilo

There are no large pebble or sandy beaches in Bilo. The coast is naturally formed of various rocky shapes, and that's probably the most beautiful aspect of the village. There is only one small pebble beach located in the north part of the place.

If you have a small rubber boat or kayak, you could sail to the two nearby islands: Tmara and Krbelica. Both provide exceptional natural beauty with trees shade.

Rocky coast shapes
Rocky coast shapes
Island Krbelica in Bilo
Island Krbelica in Bilo

The easiest place to reach from Bilo is Primosten, a small picturesque town which is worth spending an evening or more. You can even reach it on foot.
Primosten is known for its top-quality Mediterranean food products like olive oil, grilled fish, and red wine. Taste it in one of the restaurants in the town.

The second place to visit is Sibenik, UNESCO town featuring amazing fortification system and gothic Cathedral entirely built of stone.

Two other UNESCO places to visit are Trogir and Split. Both can be reached by car or bus from Bilo.
Trogir is known for its masterpiece romanesque Cathedral, while Split features Diocletian's Palace, which is one of the most authentic monuments from the ancient Roman age.

Nature lovers will not miss visiting Krka National Park, and it's most featured attraction called Skradinski Buk. The place can be reached from Bilo in one hour car ride.

Split Peristyle is one of the most authentic Roman squares in the world
Split Peristyle is one of the most authentic Roman squares in the world

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