Primosten is known to be one of the most famous Croatian beach destinations. With kilometres of pebble and rocky beaches, featuring clean sea and beautiful panoramic sea views, Primosten as a beach destination will hardly leave anyone unimpressed.

Beach Raduca is loved by visitors
Beach Raduca is loved by visitors

Beach Raduca

The most famous beach in Primosten is Raduca, located on a peninsula just near the centre of the place. It's a kilometres-long pebble beach with a beautiful panoramic view of nearby islands.

The beach features all the facilities expected from the top destinations: there are beach bars, sun loungers, fast food restaurants, and pedalos rent service.
The prices are affordable - if you want to have a coffee with milk (macchiato), you are likely to pay less than 2 euros for a cup. A single sun lounger will cost you around 20 euros per day.

The beach is spacious and you are likely to find a comfortable free spot for your towel, even during the peak summer season.

Primosten promenade above the beach
Primosten promenade above the beach

If you arrive in Primosten by car, you can leave it at a parking area located near the centre of the town. The parking price is 2 euros per hour. During winter months (November - April) parking is free.
You need to walk less than five minutes to reach Raduca beach.

Rent a sun lounger in Primosten
Rent a sun lounger in Primosten

One of the most important advantages of Primosten as a beach destination is the 5-kilometre-long promenade located just above the beach. It's an ideal spot for everyone looking for recreation, and family or romantic walks.
The walk is especially pleasing during the sunset hours, around 7 p.m.
I experienced one of the most beautiful sunset experiences in Primosten.

Dolac is a small coastal place located less than 5 kilometres away from Primosten. It's a more intimate place ideal for those who want to enjoy beach time without crowds. Beaches are mostly pebble, rocky, and concrete.
Bistro Boxer Club is an ideal spot for having your favourite drink while enjoying the sea view in Dolac.
The bar works as a restaurant as well.

Rocky beach
Rocky beach

Bilo is a small village located around 7 kilometres away from the centre of Primosten. Just like Dolac, Bilo features a beautiful rocky beach and a crystal clear sea.

Bilo is a beautiful village
Bilo is a beautiful village

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