Rogoznica is a town on the coast located between Sibenik and Split. It is becoming increasingly popular among visitors who spend their vacation in Croatia.
I went to Rogoznica for a visit on April 27, 2019.

Rogoznica coast
Rogoznica coast

How did I arrive in Rogoznica

I arrived there by car from Split. The trip took me approximately one hour. It was a comfortable ride and there was no high traffic on the road.
What I liked about Rogoznica is that most of the roads in the place were one-way. So it was easy to approach any part of the place with the car. Furthermore, there was plenty of parking space everywhere in the town, even in the centre.
Those who have experience of driving in Croatia know how important it is for a tourist place to be accessible and to have good roads.
If you travel by bus in Croatia, there are many bus lines that drive to Rogoznica or stop there to exchange passengers.
The nearest airport is Split airport, located just 20 kilometres away from the place.

The main settlement of Rogoznica is called Rogoznica town. It's located on a small island connected by a bridge with the mainland. The town gave me the impression of a nice and groomed place. It features all the facilities that are expected from big tourist destinations. There is a nice promenade near the sea with coffee bars, restaurants, and beaches.
What I liked most was the unspoiled coast with promenade just near the city centre. That's great for those who look for a bit of privacy where they can enjoy the sun and sea. You could easily find a quiet corner of the coast for yourself. On the other hand, if you wanted a more urban beach with lots of people, you could find it too near the centre.
I can conclude that Rogoznica is compound of urban and quiet.

Promenade along the sea
Promenade along the sea
View of Rogoznica from Marina Frapa
View of Rogoznica from Marina Frapa
Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

The second most famous settlement of Rogoznica is Marina Frapa. It is located less than a kilometre away from Rogoznica town. The place is known as one of the largest marinas on the Adriatic sea. That's why rich guests are mostly staying there. But the place should be visited by everyone. It features the most interesting attraction of the whole Rogoznica: lake called Dragon's Eye.
Another attraction is a beautiful promenade along the sea, similar to one in Rogoznica town. At the end of the promenade, there is a chapel devoted to the Blessed Virgin Mary. While walking the promenade, you can enjoy the view of Rogoznica town. You will also have a chance to see the most luxury yachts and boats.
If you arrive by car in Marina Frapa, you will have to pay for the parking (10 kunas/hour).

Boats in Marina Frapa
Boats in Marina Frapa
Dragon's Eye lake
Dragon's Eye lake
Our Lady of the Chapel
Our Lady of the Chapel

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