Sevid is a small Croatian tourist destination located between Rogoznica and Split. Just like Vinisce, Sevid is located on a peninsula which is part of the municipality of Marina.

Sevid sunset

How to arrive in Sevid

The first part of the trip was a ride on Croatian road D8. I went there from Split. When I arrived in Svinca, which is a small place located near D8 road, I saw a sign showing Sevid to the right. I had to drive 7 more kilometres. The part of a trip from Svinca was a little bit uncomfortable due to the narrow road and many hills. Furthermore, the road was missing traffic signs, so I couldn't immediately guess where was the centre of the place. Accessibility is likely to be the biggest flaw of Sevid as a tourist destination.

Narrow roads in Sevid

First impressions

After a bit of an exhausting ride, it was time for me to take a walk in the place. I must say I was immediately impressed by the natural beauty of the peninsula. It is pearl of Croatia tourism. The sea was crystal clear and views of the peninsula with sunset were great. I liked that aspect of the place.
On the other hand, I could notice the lack of some of the necessary tourist facilities. There were only one bar and only one restaurant in the whole place. The road above the coast was not fully asphalted. Tours to Vis, Brac and Hvar were not organized. If you wanted to go for a day visit to these places, you would need first go to the Split ferry port to take a ferry ride.
Some of the available services included renting chairs, boats and jet skis.

Walking along the coast in Sevid

Sevid beaches

The whole coast is like one big beach. It consists of natural, concrete and pebble beaches. Some of them are arranged, yet some are more natural. Choose the one you prefer more.

Concrete beaches in Sevid
Sevid pebble beach

Day trips

As previously mentioned, you cannot take any organised tour from Sevid. But if you are arriving by car, you can (and should) go for a day visit to Split, Trogir and Sibenik. These places feature beautiful cultural attractions which are located less than 60 kilometres away from Sevid.

Conclusion of my visit

Sevid is an ideal place for those people who look for quiet and affordable accommodation. It's beauty, clean sea and nice coast are its main aces. The only drawback is its accessibility and narrow roads. If that's okay with you, I believe you can have a great vacation in Sevid.

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Tours from Sevid


Trogir is small UNESCO pearl with amazing old town architecture from ancient times. Driving distance between Sevid and Trogir is 20.0 km. Driving time is 23 mins.


Sibenik is the only city in Croatia with two UNESCO protected heritage sites. Driving distance between Sevid and Sibenik is 45.4 km. Driving time is 47 mins.

Split Croatia

If you decide to stay in Sevid, why not taking tour to Split and its amazing Diocletian's Palace? Driving distance between Sevid and Split is 47.0 km. Driving time is 50 mins.

Destinations near Sevid


Distance: 7.2 km. Driving time: 13 mins.


Distance: 12.2 km. Driving time: 12 mins.


Distance: 12.9 km. Driving time: 17 mins.