Vinisce is a small Croatian destination located between Rogoznica and Split. It is situated on a peninsula which belongs to the municipality of Marina.
I went there for a visit on June 18, 2019.

Vinisce sunset
Vinisce sunset

Table of Contents

  1. How did I arrive in Vinisce
  2. First impressions of Vinisce
  3. Restaurants in Vinisce
  4. Vinisce beaches
  5. Nautical tourism in Vinisce
  6. Day trips from Vinisce
  7. Cultural attractions in Vinisce
  8. Conclusion of the visit to Vinisce

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How did I arrive in Vinisce

I went by car from Split. Distance between these places is around 50 kilometres. I was driving on Croatian road D8, which featured many beautiful sights. The ride was very comfortable and there was no high traffic on the road.

The last part of the trip, from Marina to Vinisce, which is around 7 kilometres long, was a little tough because the road was narrow. It's necessary to drive that part of the trip with extra attention. But these few kilometres of small discomfort are nothing compared to the attractiveness of the place.

Road is little bit narrow but it is worth driving to beautiful Vinisce
Road is little bit narrow but it is worth driving to beautiful Vinisce

I was impressed by the beauty of Vinisce. Its charm lies in the preserved atmosphere of Dalmatia. Unlike other crowded Croatian destinations, this place is not yet so popular, but that's actually one of its main aces. You can feel the soothes of the Mediterranean Dalmatian tradition.
If you go for an evening walk in the place, you will notice the fishermen preparing their fishing nets. You will hear Dalmatian music from coffee bars and restaurants. The charm of the peninsula will make you feel enjoyment.

Evening atmosphere in Vinisce
Evening atmosphere in Vinisce

There are three traditional restaurants located on the coast, in the centre of the place. Traditionally, these places are called "konoba" in Croatia. You can taste Mediterranean specialities. I recommend tasting fish, which is most likely caught by local fishermen. One portion of quality fish costs around 100 kunas (14 euros) per person. If you don't want to eat local specialities, you can always take a pizza at the price of 6 - 10 euros (but I urge you not to do so. You can eat pizza every day).

Except for high-quality food, restaurants are featured by an amazing location near the sea, a beautiful view of the peninsula, and traditional Dalmatian music.

One of Vinisce restaurants
One of Vinisce restaurants

Vinisce coast consists of concrete and pebble beaches. You can choose whichever you prefer between these two. Chances are that you will take a beach that is closest to your accommodation place. There is no real difference between them. All of them feature the clean sea and beach bars.

Advantage of Vinisce beaches over other more popular Croatian beaches is intimacy: even during high season, there are no crowds.

Pebble beach in Vinisce
Pebble beach in Vinisce

Nautical tourism is growing in Vinisce because the peninsula is an ideal place for anchoring sailing boats. It's quiet and protected from most of the winds. When I was there, I could notice dozens of anchored sailboats, although it was still June (not high season).

There are many sailing boats in Vinisce
There are many sailing boats in Vinisce

If you decide to spend your holidays in Vinisce, chances are that you may want to go to other destinations, at least for a day visit. The nearest places that could be visited are Trogir and Split. If that's not enough for you, take a day visit to Sibenik (the Cathedral and fortresses) and National Park Krka. All these places are less than 80 kilometres away from the place and all feature something unique worth visiting.

There are not many preserved historical monuments, although the place is more than 500 years old. It is worth mentioning monument to victims of the Second World War, and the parish church dedicated to the Blessed Virgin.

Monument to victims of Second World War
Monument to victims of Second World War
Parish church in Vinisce
Parish church in Vinisce

If you look for a quiet, intimate and small place with Mediterranean soul to spend your holidays, then Vinisce is for you. You will not have plenty of nightlife options or glamour there, but you will enjoy amazing holidays in a peaceful atmosphere.

Check out the best accommodation options in Vinisce and updated info on Marina tourist board website.

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