Split has become one of the top tourist spots in Croatia over the last few years. Many visitors from all over the world, young and old, have been enjoying its beaches, nightlife options, cultural attractions, restaurants and charming Mediterranean atmosphere.
I will list the top 5 things that all visitors who come to Split for a day or more should not skip doing.

Split is beautiful
Split is beautiful

Walk around the old town and Diocletian’s Palace

Diocletian’s Palace is one of the rare places from ancient Roman times which preserved much of its original integrity. That's why it is an essential tourist attraction for every visitor who arrives in Split.

The palace with its squares and buildings is a kind of historic book - each period has left some traces on its architecture. At first, it was conceived as the residence of Emperor Diocletian, who spent the last few years of his life in the palace.
He designed it as a large fortress surrounded by walls and towers. In the area inside the palace, he constructed numerous monumental buildings such as the Temple of Jupiter.
The most monumental square in the palace is Split Peristyle square, which is the top attraction of the palace and one of the most glamourous places in Croatia.

In the latter periods, Christians from Salona (today's Solin) came to the palace and converted it into a town.
Some walls were destroyed, and the area of the former palace was expanded.
Christians adapted many of the buildings inside the palace, for example, they converted the former temple of Jupiter into the church, which is today known as the Cathedral of St. Domnius.

In Medieval and later periods, many monumental buildings were constructed, mostly in Renaissance and Baroque styles. I would point out Pavlovic Palace and the town Hall located on the Pjaca square.

Split Peristyle square
Split Peristyle square

Except for being one of the main tourist spots in the town, Split Riva is an ideal place for socialising and romantic or family walks. During the summer season, you can feel the special vibe on Riva - thousands of visitors and domestic people walk on the promenade and enjoy its Mediterranean atmosphere.

Riva is a perfect place to have a coffee and take a break after sightseeing the old town and the palace.

Split Riva
Split Riva

The green oasis of Split, Marian forest park, is an ideal spot for everyone looking for recreation and spending time in nature.
Climbing the top of Marian Hill is not that difficult - even people with average fitness levels can do it without too much effort.
The most common way to reach the peak of the hill is to take the so-called Marian stairs, which are located on Riva, near the church of St. Francis.

Marjan trail
Marjan trail

Kasjuni and Bacvice are two most famous beaches in Split.
Kasjuni can boast of exceptional natural beauty since it is located inside the area of Marjan Forest Park.
On the other hand, Bacvice is a sandy beach located in the vicinity of the old town. It is popular both among locals and visitors of Split due to its accessibility, soft sand, and clean sea.

Bacvice beach
Bacvice beach
Beach Kasjuni
Beach Kasjuni

Split is the perfect base for those who want to visit multiple locations during their vacation.
Small UNESCO pearl Trogir is the number one location for a day trip for everyone staying in Split for 3 days or more.
Trogir features an old town with monuments from the Medieval and later periods. The most monumental masterpiece of art is the Cathedral of St. Lawrence.

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