Beach Bacvice Split

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2019-03-27 ยท 4 min read

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Beach Bacvice
Beach Bacvice

Beach information

    City: Split
    Beach type: Sandy beach
    Distance from center: 300 m
    Free entrance: yes
    Free parking: no
    Beach bar: yes
    Paid parking: yes
    Coffee price: 2 euros
    Wheelchair access: yes
    Fast food: yes
    Nightclub: yes
    Beach umbrella: yes
    Tree shade: no
    Beach umbrella price:
    Rescue service: yes
    Volleyball plaground: no
    Rescue service working time :
    Jet ski rent: yes

If you arrive Split, then you shouldn't miss a visit and swim on beach Bacvice. Except being the most famous Split beach, Bacvice is a symbol of the city and Croatia Tourism. It is a place where many younger generations of Split grow up.
Continue reading to find out the main attractions of the Beach and other tourist info useful to know before the visit.


People having great time on Bacvice
People having great time on Bacvice

Bacvice is sandy beach, with sand being very soft. It is pleasing to walk on it and enter the sea.
Water is shallow even 100 meters away from the coast. That means it's ideal for having fun and playing water sports.
Bacvice is place of birth of game called picigin, which is part of UNESCO non-material heritage. The game is played by throwing a small ball to the other players, in shallow water. The ball must not enter the sea, and aim of the game is to keep it up in the air as much as possible.
Every year in Split is held Picigin World Cup. Croatian team usually wins.

Except sandy part, the beach features concrete part, so choose one that you like more.
One of the drawbacks during summer months is that beach is pretty crowded, so if you do not like a crowd, visit the beach early in the morning.
Just like other beaches in Split, Bacvice features beach bars, rental of sun loungers, jet ski rental, fast food and restaurants.

Beach Bacvice concrete part
Beach Bacvice concrete part

Beach Bacvice sandy part full of people
Beach Bacvice sandy part full of people

Bacvice is gathering place for young generations of locals and visitors. During early night hours many of them enjoy walking on the promenade along the sea, or sitting and drinking on the beach.
After midnight they enter clubs Bacvice and Tropic, which work till early morning hours.
Read more about it in Split nightlife guide.

Bacvice club
Bacvice club

Bacvice beach is located 200 meters away from main bus station in Split and less than 500 meters from the center of Split. It's attractive location is another reason of its popularity.

Some of the most attractive apartments in Split are located nearby the beach. Most of them are listed on

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