If you decide to visit Split, there are chances you will want to enjoy a night out there. Split is a tourist destination with rich nightlife offer during the summer season.
There are places for younger and older generations to have fun during the evening and night.

Evening life in Split starts after 6 pm, when most of the people leave beaches, and go into their apartments to take a break and prepare for the evening.

relaxed atmosphere on Split Riva during evening
relaxed atmosphere on Split Riva during evening

Early evening in Split

During early evening hours, after 6 pm, Split Riva is the most popular destination. There are thousands of people of all ages socializing and taking a walk. Riva is the best place to enjoy the Mediterranean atmosphere.

There is no special dress code for Riva. Everything except walking in a swimsuit (without a shirt) is ok.
Early evening is also a great time to visit cultural attractions of the city, like Diocletian's Palace and the Museum of Split.

People also use this time to do shopping. Others decide to go to a restaurant or a coffee bar.

During the early night, around 9 -10 pm, many people choose their first cocktail bar. Fabrique Pub and bar Inbox are most featured. Both are located in the vicinity of Split Riva.

Another early night option loved by locals is Matejuška, a small port located between Riva and West Coast. There is a liquor store nearby where people buy drinks and bring them to the port.

Other option loved by visitors is beach Bacvice. During early night time, lots of people enjoying drinking with their companions just near the sea.

The dress code for the early night is pretty relaxed: not many girls wear heels and lots of guys wear t-shirts and short trousers.

People having good time at Matejuska
People having good time at Matejuska

Inbox is outdoor bar located between Riva and main bus station in Split. It is very popular among young visitors of Split, mostly within age range 18 -25. Of course, older are welcome too.

The bar works every night during the summer months, and there are lots of visitors every day.
This place may be a good choice if you want to start partying early. DJ starts to play music usually around 10 pm, sometimes even earlier. Music is often house, disco R&B and hip hop.

Prices are average for the Split area. You need to pay around 30 kuna (4 euros) for a small beer.

There is no special dress code for this place.
Entrance is free.
The club closes around midnight when it is time to look for another night-out destination.

bar Inbox
bar Inbox

Fabrique pub is another early night option. It actually works during the whole day, but during summer nights there is a special program that usually includes DJ playing music.
This place gives you the special atmosphere of the pub, which is appealing to many people.

Age range in Fabrique is wide; there are young people there as well as people in middle age.

The bar closes at 2 am.

Fabrique pub
Fabrique pub
Fabrique pub2
Fabrique pub2

After midnight most people enter clubs. We will list the most popular spots to spend late night hours, till morning.
The dress code for late-night depends on your choice of nightclub. Some of them have a pretty relaxed dress code, yet some are fancier and expect you to take special care of clothes choice.

Club Bacvice is located at the beach of the same name. It opens at 11 pm, but there are not many people there before midnight. After drinking and socializing with their companions, people from the beach enter the clubs. At the same time, many people from bar Inbox and Riva also join.

During July and August entrance fee is 100 kuna, while during September entrance is free.
Music program is pretty the same during whole summer: there is a DJ playing house, R&B and hip hop music.

The dress code for club Bacvice is relaxed; girls do not wear high heels.

bar Bacvice
bar Bacvice

Club Zenta is located near beach Firule. It is a favourite club among locals.
It opens at 11 pm, but most people enter the club around 1 am.
Zenta is a two-floor nightclub, each floor playing a different type of music. Usually, on the first floor, there is a DJ playing house, R&B and hip-hop music. Croatian music is played on the second floor.

There is no special dress code for the Zenta club.
Most of the population is 18 -25 age range, but there are older too.
The club does not work every day; it works during weekends, on Monday and Wednesday, and on special occasions during other weekdays.

Foam party is organized few times during summer season.
Zenta hosts famous European and Croatian musicians throughout the whole year.

Zenta has been closed in 2022 due to legal issues, but we hope it will reopen soon.

club Zenta
club Zenta

Vanilla, another club favourite among locals, is located on Poljud, less than 1 kilometer away from Stadium. It is both an indoor and outdoor club. During the summer season, there is a mix of locals and tourists in the club. Most of music being played is house, hip-hop and R&B.

Vanilla hosts some of the most famous Croatian singers, like Doris Dragović and Severina.
Entrance to the club is sometimes free, but most of the time visitors need to pay around 5 euros for ticket. If there is some special guest performance, then the ticket may be more expensive.

Vanilla club full of people
Vanilla club full of people
Vanilla DJ stage
Vanilla DJ stage

Academia Club Ghetto is a small nightclub located in the southern part of the Diocletian Palace. The area inside and outside the club has an original design (take a look at the photo below).
It has a little bit atmosphere of an underground club.

academia ghetto club
academia ghetto club

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