If you are about to travel or thinking about travelling this year, you found a right spot. Croatia is rightly ranked as a top destination of the Mediterranean in 2020, considering the favourable epidemic situation after the coronavirus crisis, currently with only a few active cases of infection.
We will take a look at the top 3 places which are worth visiting this year in Croatia.

Table of Contents

  1. Hvar Town
  2. Dubrovnik
  3. Split

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Hvar Town

Given the fact that this year is a time of controlled and intimate tourism, without festivals and public gatherings, you should take the opportunity to get to know the places that best reflect the identity of Croatia. Hvar Town is an ideal place for that purpose. Previously known as a destination of mass tourism and party animals, Hvar Town is now attracting people who enjoy learning about the culture, traditions, sightseeing, walks by the sea, swimming, good food, and intimate atmosphere of a Mediterranean Place.

Hvar Town is waiting for its visitors
Hvar Town is waiting for its visitors

Known as the destination of the world's elite, Dubrovnik has attracted millions of tourists from all over the world.
I think there is no real need to talk or write too much about Dubrovnik's attractions. Everyone knows it is exotic, unique, and glamorous. You just need to grab a good accommodation deal and get there as soon as possible. Many private apartment renters have lowered prices. During June 2020, a ticket for the Dubrovnik Walls tour costs only 50 kuna for adults (standard price is 200 kuna). Additionally, you can enjoy a unique experience of walking on Stradun with only a few people around.

Stradun is better than ever before
Stradun is better than ever before

Similar to Dubrovnik, Split is the top destination of tourism in Croatia. This year you can have a great intimate experience of the old town with preserved monuments from the Roman age, spectacular Diocletian's Palace, beautiful beaches Bacvice and Kasjuni, and a green oasis of Split - hill Marjan. Split is also a great base if you plan to do a day trips. You can visit places like Sibenik, Trogir, NP Krka, and Klis Fortress from Split.

Split is always amazing
Split is always amazing

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