October's experience of Split is in many ways different from the previous three summer months: crowds are gone, the weather is fresh, beaches are half empty, and many nightlife spots are closed.

But some travellers look for exactly this kind of experience. Especially couples may enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere in popular destinations that can be felt these days. Furthermore, accommodation prices are lower, and autumn brings some romantic colours to nature.

Split Peristyle is busy in October
Split Peristyle is busy in October

Split old town in October

While walking through the old town, you will notice that there are still many visitors. Diocletian's Palace and its attractions like Peristyle Square are visited all year long.

Split Riva is another top place in the town: people love to take a walk near the sea or sit in a coffee bar while enjoying a sea view and Mediterranean atmosphere.

Piazza square
Piazza square
Split Riva in October
Split Riva in October

Some people take an organised walking tour with a guide around the town. If you are curious about the history of Split, I would recommend you to take one. Those tours are not expensive, but they provide plenty of entrancing information about the history of the place.

As you can see from the photos below, beaches in Split are half-empty in October due to fresh weather and lower sea temperature. The sea temperature is usually around 20 degrees Celsius, which is still good for some visitors who are used to cold climates.

If you are not into swimming these days, I still recommend visiting beach Bacvice, which is a kind of a symbol of the town and a nice place to have a coffee.

Only a few people on popular Kasjuni beach
Only a few people on popular Kasjuni beach

Nightlife is another aspect of tourism highly affected by the end of the summer season. Clubs like Bacvice and Vanilla, which worked every day during the summer season, now only work on weekends.
During weekdays, you may still find some smaller gatherings around the Diocletian Palace and Split Riva. You could join student parties which may be organised on Wednesday evenings.
Check the schedule of events on Infozona website.

The most exciting excursion from Split, the island hopping tour, is still available till the end of October. The most featured part of the tour is a visit to Blue Cave on Bisevo, an amazing natural phenomenon.

The second most popular tour is a visit to Krka National Park. Visitors love to walk around the landscape of the Krka River, which is considered to be one of the most beautiful in Croatia.
October ticket prices for all locations of the park are considerably discounted.

UNESCO towns Trogir and Sibenik are preferred by those who love sightseeing cultural attractions.

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