I have already visited Baska Voda and Brela in July 2020. As you can read, those places are lively and many visitors are enjoying vacation and feel safe there, in the north of Makarska Riviera.

On July 9, 2020, I visited Makarska and Tucepi, two more destinations of Makarska Riviera, to check if there are any visitors after the pandemic.

Makarska beaches are beautiful in 2020
Makarska beaches are beautiful in 2020
Makarska Riva is lovely in 2020
Makarska Riva is lovely in 2020

Table of Contents

  1. Makarska in 2020
  2. Tucepi in 2020
  3. Should you visit Makarska Riviera in 2020

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Makarska in 2020

As soon as I approached the town, I could notice that Makarska was welcoming visitors in 2020. Many of them were enjoying while walking Riva. Of course, their number is reduced this year, up to 50% less than in 2019, according to my estimation. A fewer number of people is an advantage since it's easier to maintain social distance and the atmosphere in the town is more intimate.

Main square in Makarska is nice place in 2020
Main square in Makarska is nice place in 2020
Makarska Riva
Makarska Riva

As you can see from the photos, beaches in Makarska are filled out with people, but there is enough space to maintain 2 meters distance between groups of people who arrive at the beach.

Makarska beaches are not crowded in 2020
Makarska beaches are not crowded in 2020

All bars and restaurants in Makarska are open and ready to welcome their guests. All other tourist facilities like ice cream shops and tourist agencies are operating as well.

Restaurants in Makarska are welcoming visitors
Restaurants in Makarska are welcoming visitors
Buy fish directly from fishermen
Buy fish directly from fishermen

Another destination of Makarska Riviera, Tucepi, is welcoming visitors this year as well. Tucepi is known as a more intimate place than others in the Makarska Riviera, and so it is in 2020.

Bars, restaurants, and other tourist facilities in Tucepi are fully operational.

Tucepi walkway
Tucepi walkway
Tucepi beach has lots of visitors
Tucepi beach has lots of visitors

Makarska Riviera is considered to be nice and safe vacation spot in 2020. Many visitors are enjoying its beaches, bars and restaurants. Of course, it's necessary to take precautions like personal hygiene and social distance to stay safe and healthy.

Accommodation prices in 2020 are reduced, so you should take a closer look to find a good accommodation deal in Makarska. Look for those apartments which offer a full refund on cancellation.

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