One of the favourite destinations among tourists in Croatia, Baska Voda, is ready for another tourist season in 2020, this time in somewhat different conditions due to the coronavirus pandemic. On July 2, 2020, I visited Baska Voda to check if the town is welcoming tourists despite the pandemic.

Baska Voda in 2020
Baska Voda in 2020
Beaches in Baska Voda are beautiful as usual
Beaches in Baska Voda are beautiful as usual

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Baska Voda in 2020

As you can see from the photos, Baska Voda is lively in July 2020. Many visitors have arrived despite the pandemic, and they feel safe. As expected, a number of arrivals is around 30% less than last year, so it seemed like I visited the town in May. A lower number of visitors is an advantage for those who arrive this year because they will be able to enjoy a quiet vacation.

Biokovo mountain above Baska Voda
Biokovo mountain above Baska Voda

There are many people on the beaches in Baska Voda, however, there is enough space to keep a social distance. And visitors usually do so for the shake of safety.

Beaches are adorable in 2020 in Baska Voda
Beaches are adorable in 2020 in Baska Voda

Restaurants, bars, and other tourist facilities are fully operational in Baska Voda, expect those ones which include gatherings of a large number of people. You can enjoy sitting in a bar or restaurant while watching the sea and drinking your favourite drink.

Bars and restaurants are open in Baska Voda in 2020
Bars and restaurants are open in Baska Voda in 2020

I believe everyone who decides to visit Baska Voda, or some other place in Makarska Riviera this year will have a great time. There are no crowds in the town, and the beaches are more beautiful than ever. It's simply a perfect place to take a rest from all the pandemic crisis and anxiety that ruled Europe over the past few months.

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Baska Voda beaches and sea are attracting visitors
Baska Voda beaches and sea are attracting visitors

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