Croatia is not all about coastal towns. In the hinterland of Makarska Riviera, there is an interesting town called Imotski. Every year it is visited by an increased number of tourists, and its main attractions are the Blue and Red Lake.
As you will see from the photos, the lakes are beautiful and worth spending a day trip.

Blue Lake is beautiful
Blue Lake is beautiful

How to get to Red and Blue Lake

The easiest way to get to Imotski and its lakes is by car. You need to take A1 motorway and exit in Zagvozd. From there you need to take D76 road to reach the town. The road is good and it's quite easy to arrive there.

Both Red and Blue Lake feature lots of free parking spaces. Ticket price for visiting both attractions is 30 kuna per adult person.
In July, 2020, entrance is free due to the reduced number of visitors.

As soon as you see Blue Lake, I believe you will be delighted with its beauty. Its blue colour is an interesting natural phenomenon that you can learn more about on the educational boards at the site itself. You can learn about the origin of the lake as well.
Since the Blue Lake depends on rainfall, it can dry up during major droughts.

Swimming is allowed at the Blue Lake.
At the entrance to the park, there is a coffee bar featuring ice cream and pancake shop as well.

I recommend you to wear sneakers on the site to make it easier to move around the park near the lake.

Just near the lake, there is a park dedicated to Asanaginica, a mythical story from literature.

Blue Lake
Blue Lake
Detail from Blue Lake nature park
Detail from Blue Lake nature park
Coffee bar Blue Lake
Coffee bar Blue Lake

Red Lake is located few hundred meters below the Blue Lake. It features a nice nature park as well. Again I recommend wearing sneakers over flip flops for easier movement around the park.

Red Lake is much smaller than Blue Lake.
An interesting fact is that it never dries out because groundwater flows into it.

Red Lake
Red Lake
Red Lake nature park
Red Lake nature park

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