Everyone is planning these days their vacation. If you are thinking about coming to Split, you hit the right point.
The town of St. Dominus, as Split is used to be called, is more beautiful than ever before, and it's the perfect spot to take a rest after all the stress caused by the pandemic.

Atmosphere on Split Riva is good
Atmosphere on Split Riva is good

Table of Contents

  1. Split beaches in June 2021
  2. Split Riva in 2021
  3. Nightlife in Split
  4. Day trips from Split in 2021

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Split beaches in June 2021

One of the main tourist aces of Split is the beaches. There are all kinds of them, pebble (Kasjuni and Obojena Svjetlost), sandy (Bacvice), and concrete ones. If you go a little bit into the woods, you will find nice rocky shapes as well, especially at the foot of Marjan hill.

The atmosphere on the beaches in Split in 2021 is rather quiet and intimate than crowded, as it used to be before the pandemic during June. The main reason is the lack of visitors: as we know many tourists haven't yet arrived in Split due to the pandemic situation and closed borders. The other reason is the pretty cold sea which is unusual for June. It's good only for courageous swimmers who are not afraid of cold water.

In 2021, beaches are the perfect reason to come and visit Split. Their intimate atmosphere and extreme natural beauty, which is enhanced by the decreased number of visitors over the last 2 years, will make your vacation in Split unforgettable.

Beach Kasjuni
Beach Kasjuni

Life is back in Split in 2021, and there are many people on Riva, both locals and visitors. The atmosphere is good, and everyone is having a good time.

Just near the Riva, there is the most amazing cultural attraction of Split called Diocletian's Palace. It features amazing squares, streets, and architectural achievements, mostly from Roman times. The most beautiful is Split Peristyle square, the place which is no worse than squares in Rome.

Split Riva is relaxing place
Split Riva is relaxing place

Nightlife in Split is back!
After more than a year of pandemic experience, Split nightclubs have started reopening. In early June 2021, only a limited number of people are allowed to enter the clubs, but this will change in a few weeks.
Ultra Europe, one of the most famous music festivals in the world, is scheduled for early July 2021. It's not yet completely clear how many people will be there, and if there will be any restrictions, but the organizers haven't given up on the festival in 2021.

Nightlife in Split is starting
Nightlife in Split is starting

I have alredy written many times about day trip opportuinites from Split.
All of them are avaliable again in June 2021. Bus lines to Trogir, Sibenik, Omis, Klis are active. Masks are still obligatory in the buses and all indoor public places.
If you are planning multip-day holidays in Split, choose at least one or two of these places to visit.

Lovely town Split
Lovely town Split

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