Split has been the favourite destinations among foreign visitors in Croatia in recent years. Either young or old, tourists have enjoyed the benefits provided by the "city under Marjan", as Split is often called.

As we already know things are a bit different in 2020 due to pandemic.
In June 2020, I took a walk in the town to check if the city is reawaking and if there are any visitors.

View of Split from Marjan
View of Split from Marjan

Split Riva in 2020

Top place in Split, Splitska Riva, which is a favourite spot for locals and foreign visitors, is a bit quieter and more intimate this year. The bars are only half full of people, while usually this time of the year you need to look for a place to sit.

I perceive Riva as more beautiful than usual in these conditions; the experience of a walk along the sea is more enjoyable and you can feel more of Mediterranean spirit.

The fewer number of people is an advantage because it is necessary to maintain social distance for the sake of health and safety.

Split Riva is beautiful in 2020
Split Riva is beautiful in 2020

Traditionally, Split is visited by people from almost all European countries. Numerous visitors from the UK, US and France have not yet arrived in Split due to a lack of airlines and an epidemiological condition. Therefore, in addition to Croatian guests, Slovenes, Germans and citizens from other Eastern European countries are currently in Split. Airlines with the UK and France are expected to be operational in the upcoming period, in the first half of July.

Croatia is currently welcoming tourists from the European Union, meaning the borders are opened. There are approximately 100,000 of foreign visitors in Croatia.
Read more about the conditions for entering Croatia

Only a few visitors at popular Split Peristyle
Only a few visitors at popular Split Peristyle

Split beaches are still waiting for their visitors. As you can see from the photos below, beach Kasjuni, which is favourite among tourists, is still half empty. Many will like this atmosphere since crowded beach can spoil the experience of swimming and sunbathing.

In contrast, Bačvice beach is already filled with the locals. I recommend you to avoid it since it will be hard to maintain social distance there. Instead, choose Marjan beaches like Kasjuni, Kastelet or Bene.

Kasjuni beach is more beautiful than ever
Kasjuni beach is more beautiful than ever
Kastelet is still waiting for its visitors
Kastelet is still waiting for its visitors

Similar to other attractions in Split, Diocletian's Palace does not have that many visitors. Organizing city tours is currently not allowed, which means you will have to explore it by yourself.
All museums inside the palace are open. It's necessary to comply with the restrictions prescribed by the Croatian Institute of Public Health regarding visits to museums.
In a nutshell, it's necessary to keep social distance and disinfect your hands while entering a museum.

Inside Diocletian's Palace
Inside Diocletian's Palace

Just as expected, big and crowded events are cancelled. Ultra Europe Festival is postponed for 2021.
However, smaller cultural events will be held in Split. The most famous is the Split Summer Festival, a manifestation consisting of numerous cultural events. Check program of Split Summer Festival.

I recommend you to do so. Split has a small number of newly infected with coronavirus and can be considered a safe destination. Split's beaches and the old town are more beautiful than ever, and accommodation prices are affordable as well.
You can find great deals on booking.com.

If you can have a good time while maintaining social distance and without staying in crowds, you will enjoy Split this year.

Split is waiting for its visitors
Split is waiting for its visitors

Zvonimr Peran     2020-06-26

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