Coronavirus crisis is starting to cease in Europe, and most of Europeans are partially returning back to their old style of life. The question remains for those who were planning to travel this year; will there be tourist season?

Croatia has been handling coronavirus pandemic well compared to other European countries. Public life begins to function normally again, gatherings of up to 40 people are currently allowed. The first visitors have already arrived.

Croatian minister of tourism says that foreign visitors are welcome this year.

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  1. Is Croatia open for EU citizens
  2. Is Croatia open for non EU citizens
  3. How will Croatia Tourism look like in June, July, and August
  4. Prices in Croatia Tourism in 2020
  5. Frequently Asked Questions

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Is Croatia open for EU citizens

UPDATE December 2020: There are new restrictions on Croatian borders. Please read here.

Tourists from 10 countries (Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Estonia, Latvija, Litva, Poland, Slovenia, Germany and Slovakia) are allowed to enter the country in the same way as before the pandemic, meaning there are no restrictions for their citizens.

Tourists from other EU countries (including the UK) are allowed to enter Croatia, but they are required to indicate the reason for their entry into Croatia, meaning they should show proof of accommodation reservation in Croatia or similar document.
UPDATE July 1, 2020: Citizens of all EU countries, including the UK, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, Andorra, Monaco, San Marino and the Vatican can enter Croatia without restrictions, as before the pandemic.

All the visitors who are getting into Croatia are advised (but not required) to fill out the online form on the newly created government website called Enter Croatia, where they will be asked basic data valuable for epidemiologists. Otherwise, they will have to fill it out at the border. Check more info about Enter Croatia app.

Update December 2020: The new restrictions are imposed for non EU visitors. All those non-EU citizens who want to make a tourist visit to Croatia may be asked to show proof of accommodation in Croatia. Additionaly, they need to show the negative result of PCR test which is no older than 48 hours.

The following groups of people can enter Croatia without the restrictions:

  • Health care workers.
  • Cross-border workers.
  • carriers
  • transit passengers
  • People who have any other urgent reason

According to my opinion, those people who are not looking for public gatherings, parties, or other kinds of mass events may have a great time in Croatia this year. I have recently visited a few famous tourist spots in Croatia, and I must say they look more beautiful than ever before. Dubrovnik, Split, and Hvar Town will be free of mass tourism, festivals, crowded nightlife, and all similar hype this year, allowing those who prefer more intimate travel experience to fully enjoy these places, their culture, history, architecture, and sights.
If you are among those people, I urge you to come to Croatia and see for yourself how beautiful it is these days.

Since the number of visitors will be highly reduced in 2020, the question of pricing is naturaly arising: whether elite tourist destinations and private accommodation will keep the relatively high prices from 2019.
I believe some of them will keep the high valuation of their services, while others will be more welcoming with their prices. That's why you should research the tourist offer more closely. There are chances you may find a great deal even for those elite places like Hvar and Dubrovnik.

Hvar is beautiful this year, come and enjoy it
Hvar is beautiful this year, come and enjoy it

Are UK visitors allowed into Croatia?

Yes. UK visitors are allowed to enter Croatia without any restrictions, just like before pandemic.

Are UK visitors required to self isolate upon arrival in Croatia?

UK visitors are not obligatory to self isolate upon arrival in Croatia. Depending on current regulations in the UK, they may be required to self-isolate upon going back to their native country.

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