Many visitors who want to come to Croatia, either for a vacation, or permanent relocation, are curious about the prices in Croatia.
I will give an overview of the prices of food, tourist services, and other stuff which may be of interest to tourists and expats.
Croatia recently joined the eurozone, which is its only official currency in 2023. The good news is that the introduction of the new currency did not lead to significant inflation.

Plitvice Lakes ticket is expensive during the summer season
Plitvice Lakes ticket is expensive during the summer season

Food prices in Croatia

Inflation in 2022 highly influenced the Croatian food market, as it did for many other countries in the world.
Many basic foods have become more expensive. For example, the price of bread is in the range of 1 - 3 euros, depending on the type and quality of bread.
A package of 10 eggs costs around 3 euros.
A kilogram of apple costs 1 - 1.5 euros.
A piece of broccoli costs around 1.5 euros.
You can check the other prices on the websites of supermarket chains in Croatia. One of the most popular in Dalmatia is Tommy.
Many of them offer a service of delivery of food and other products. The delivery service price is usually around 3 euros.

Inflation in 2022 particularly affected the prices of the hospitality industry. Cafes and restaurants have increased the prices of their services.

The main factor that determines the prices of the hospitality industry in Croatia is the location of the service - just as expected, prices in more prominent destinations like Dubrovnik and Split are higher than in other less popular spots.

If you sit in an average coffee bar and want to have coffee with milk (macchiato), you will pay around 1.5 euros. However, if you order the same drink in a more exotic location, let's say on Split Riva, you will pay 2 euros or more.
Dubrovnik and its main street Stradun are the most exclusive location in Croatia, so for the same drink, you may pay 3 euros or more.

A beer in an average bar may cost you 2.5 - 4 euros, depending on the type of beer.

Pizza in an average restaurant will cost you 7 - 15 euros, depending on the type of pizza.
Traditional Mediterranean specialities, like grilled white fish, cost 20+ euros.

Restaurant prices are affected by inflation
Restaurant prices are affected by inflation
Dubrovnik is glamourus and expensive destination
Dubrovnik is glamourus and expensive destination

Just as in the hospitality industry, parking prices heavily depend on the destination. Parking prices in the centre of popular destinations are quite expensive - for example, you will pay around 3 euros per hour for parking in the centre of Makarska (zone 1) during the summer season.

Parking in the underground garage located in the centre of Sibenik costs 1,33 € in the period June - September.

Split has affordable options for parking - the reason for that is that most of the visitors arrive by plane or by bus. That's why the prices in the centre are usually no more than 1,20 € per hour.

The most common form of accommodation in Croatia is private apartments. Their prices depend on size, season, destination, and vicinity of the sea.
If you arrive in, let's say Split, outside the summer season (May - October), you may find some accommodation deals with a price of fewer than 50 euros. However, during the months of high season July and August, the same apartment may cost almost double. During the Ultra Europe festival, which takes place in early July, the prices are much higher.

Those who want to catch an affordable accommodation deal will probably have to look for places outside the top tourist spots, like Bacvice beach, or Diocletian's Palace, which are among the most expensive.

Split is more affordable during winter season
Split is more affordable during winter season

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