Bene is a concrete beach located in Split.
It is popular both among locals and visitors due to its natural beauty, shade, and clean sea.

Beach Bene detail
Beach Bene detail

Beach Bene location

Bene is located in the middle of the Marjan Forest Park, the green oasis of Split, as it is sometimes called.

Unlike other popular beaches in Split like Bacvice or Znjan, Bene is rarely crowded. Since it is located in a protected area which is not allowed to be reached by cars, it features a kind of intimacy which is exactly what many people look for. Even during peak summer months July and August you can easily find a comfortable free spot for your towel, which is not the case on Kasjuni, the most glamourous Marjan's beach.

If you want to arrive at the beach by car, you will have to park it at the entrance to Marjan park called "Spinutska Vrata". Free parking is available, and there are enough parking spots even during the peak season.
After you leave your car, you will have to walk approximately 1.5 kilometres to reach the beach. As already mentioned, cars are not allowed to enter the protected Marjan park area.

Bus line number 12 operated by Promet Split is an alternative way to arrive at the beach. There is a bus station just above Bene.

Unspoiled nature around Bene
Unspoiled nature around Bene

The natural beauty of Marjan forest park and the trees that provide shade even during hot summer hours are the main trademarks of Bene. Many people come there in the morning and spend a whole day on the beach.

Bene beach
Bene beach

As already mentioned, Bene is mostly a concrete beach. The area around the beach consists of beautiful rocky shapes.

A service of renting chairs is provided by a beach bar and restaurant called "Va Bene", located just above the beach. There you can have your favourite drink while enjoying a nice sea view.

Beach bar Va Bene
Beach bar Va Bene

Bene is loved by sportsmen and recreationists. Many cyclists and joggers find it to be the perfect spot for refreshment after climbing at the top of the hill.

Marjan is loved by cyclists
Marjan is loved by cyclists

There is a tennis and football court located above the beach. Find more info about court reservations on Va Bene facebook site.

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