St. Michael's Fortress is the oldest and most visited fortress in Sibenik. Being completely renewed in 2016, it's a must-visit attraction for every visitor of Kresimir's town, as Sibenik is used to be called.

St Michael fortress
St Michael fortress

St. Michael's Fortress attractions

The fortress features a panoramic view of Sibenik and St. Anthony's channel, which is one of the most beautiful natural attractions of the city.
You can have a view of the magnificent Cathedral of St. James as well, which is a masterpiece of Christian art from the 15th century. It is considered to be one of the most amazing architectural achievements in Croatia, recognised by UNESCO, which listed the Cathedral as a protected heritage site.

On the north side, there is a view of Sibenik bridge and beach Banj, which are both interesting places to see and visit.

There are educational boards across the locality, which reveal all the facts about various historical stages of the fortress, from its origin to today's time.

There is a coffee bar on the fortress, where you can have you favourite drink while enjoying the panoramic view of all the mentioned sights.

St Anthony channel from the fortress
St Anthony channel from the fortress
Sibenik Cathedral from St Michael fortress
Sibenik Cathedral from St Michael fortress

The fortress is located only a few hundred meters from the centre of the city, just near the main fire station. The easiest way to reach it from the centre is on foot. The number of parking spaces around the fortress is limited and the price is around 1 euro per hour. The other option is to leave your car in the underground garage located under the main square in Sibenik called Poljana.

View of St Michael fortress
View of St Michael fortress

Except for being an amazing tourist attraction, the St. Michael fortress features a summer stage where various performances are held during the summer season. Those include music festivals and concerts of domestic and foreign performers. The price of the ticket depends on the event, but it is usually in the range of 20 - 30 euros.
In 2018. Nina Badric, Massimo, Gibboni and Changer Festival took place on the fortress. Find more info about upcoming events on the official website of the fortress.

St Michael fortress stage
St Michael fortress stage

A single ticket is valid both for visiting Barone and St. Michael's fortress. The price is 50 kuna for adults and 30 kunas for children. There is also an option to buy a family ticket with a price of 100 kn (around 14 euros), which is valid for parents and their children up to 18 years.

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