Beach Banj Sibenik

Zvonimir Peran

2019-03-27 · 4 min read

Zvonimir Peran - blog author
Beach Banj Sibenik
Beach Banj Sibenik

Beach information

    City: Sibenik
    Beach type: Pebble
    Distance from center: 500 m
    Free entrance: yes
    Free parking: yes
    Beach bar: yes
    Paid parking: yes (0.7 euro/hour)
    Coffee price: 1.5 euro
    Wheelchair access: yes
    Fast food: no
    Nightclub: yes (occassionaly)
    Beach umbrella: yes
    Tree shade: no
    Beach umbrella price:
    Rescue service:
    Volleyball plaground: yes
    Rescue service working time :
    Jet ski rent: no

Beach Banj is one of two city beaches in Sibenik (the second one is Beach Jadrija). If you decide to take your holidays somewhere in the center of Sibenik, then you will probably spend a lot of your time on Banj.


beach banj
beach banj

Banj is the best place for enjoying sun and sea in the center of Sibenik.
It is mostly pebble beach, featuring beach bar, free showers, free swimsuit changing places and rental of sun loungers.

The beach is wheelchair accessible. It is also good for people and kids who do not know how to swim because of shallow water.

Another attraction of Banj is beautiful panoramic view of Sibenik, which includes view of the Cathedral and fortresses.

After you finish your swimming session, it's time to take a brake and drink your favourite drink. For that purpose, there is cafe bar & restaurant Petrus located just near the beach.
Price for coffee in Petrus is 13 kn (around 1.8 euro).
Petrus is also a night club organizing beach parties during summer evenings.

Entrance to the beach is free.

beach banj playground
beach banj playground

As you can see on the map, Banj is located a few hundred meters away from the center of Šibenik.

You can get on the beach by car or by walking. If you decide to go by car, locate the beach with GPS.
There is free parking just near the beach, but during summer months these parking spaces become quickly occupied. Alternatively, there is paid parking space nearby, with a price of 20 kunas (around 3 euros) for the whole day.
If you decide to get there walking from the center of the city, just follow the coastline. It takes around 20 minutes of walking from the center of the city to the beach.

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