December is a month of low tourist activity in Croatia. Most of the tours and excursions are paused till April or May. But for some people, this kind of quiet atmosphere is perfect for holidays and sightseeing. The weather in Croatia is not too cold, and with an average jacket, you can feel pretty comfortable. Not to mention that prices are much lower than during the season.

Additionally, Croatia did organise a Christmas market this year, but this time in a bit modest fashion due to the pandemic.

Split Riva is beautiful in December
Split Riva is beautiful in December

Chrismas market in Split in 2021

The market offer is reduced this year, and it is held in multiple locations, to avoid gatherings of too many people in one place.

If you want to have cooked wine, or if you want to try traditional Dalmatian food (for example "fritule"), Split Riva is the right place for you.
Besides featuring the Chrismas market offer, Riva is always a nice place for socializing, romantic walks and having a favourite drink while enjoying the Mediterranean atmosphere.

Advent wine offer December 2021
Advent wine offer December 2021
Take a walk on Split Riva
Take a walk on Split Riva

Life is mostly back to normal in Croatia for those who took the vaccine, or who had the disease recently.
Public gatherings are still limited, and nightclubs can work only up to midnight. Masks are obligatory in all indoor spaces.
It's not yet clear how will the New Year's Eve look like this year, but it's likely there will be some events organised, probably with the limited nubmer of people.

Winter activities in Split
Winter activities in Split

Any time of a year is good to take a walk around the imposing Diocletian's Palace, and admire its squares and masterpieces of art, like Split Peristyle square, or Golden Gate. In December, you can do it in a more comfortable fashion, with only a few people around.

Grgur Ninski is waiting for visitors
Grgur Ninski is waiting for visitors
Split Peristyle is always lovely place
Split Peristyle is always lovely place

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