It's time to plan summer vacations in 2021, and many people who are interested in traveling to Croatia are wondering if the country is open for tourism and if the visitors have already arrived.

Lovely town Split
Lovely town Split

Table of Contents

  1. Are Croatian borders open for EU and non EU visitors?
  2. How do Croatian tourist destinations look like in June 2021
  3. Are bars and shops open in Croatia?
  4. What are current restrictions in Croatia?
  5. Should you visit Croatia in 2021?

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Are Croatian borders open for EU and non EU visitors?

The conditions for entry into Croatia are changing on a weekly basis. That's why you should check the government's official website related to the pandemic regularly. It contains a piece of important information for all travelers who want to visit Croatia from EU and non-EU countries:
Check the government's website related to entry to Croatia

In early June 2021, visitors from EU countries that are marked as "green areas", can enter Croatia with the same condition as before the pandemic. Other EU citizens need to show proof of vaccination or proof they had the virus or negative test. (Find more info on the link above).
Visitors from non-EU countries must additionally show a hotel reservation in Croatia or some other valid reason to visit the country.

Split has amazing beaches
Split has amazing beaches

As of early June 2021, many visitors from EU countries have already arrived in Croatia, and they are having a good time. I have visited the center of Split many times during the last few days, and I could notice that the atmosphere is good, almost the same as before the pandemic. There are visitors of all ages and generations, and everyone is enjoying the vacation after so long a period of quarantine and isolation.

People are mostly sitting in outdoor coffee bars and restaurants, enjoying a peaceful Mediterranean atmosphere while having a favorite meal or drink.
Beaches are not yet crowded due to the cold sea, but this may change in a week or so.

People have a good time on Split Riva
People have a good time on Split Riva

As of early June 2021, all the bars and restaurants are open, and ready to receive guests. Nightclubs can work as well, but dancing is not yet allowed. It's forbidden to sell alcoholic drinks after 11 pm. (These restrictions may be eased on June 15 or July 1, 2021).
People are mostly socializing in outdoor coffee bars these days, which are safe and with the lowest risk to get coronavirus infection.

Nightlife in Split is restarting
Nightlife in Split is restarting

Masks are still obligatory in all indoor public places like shops, churches, museums, etc.
It is necessary to maintain social distance in these places as well.
Public gatherings can be attended by max 100 people, except those that are held in cooperation with Croatian Public Health Institute.
Croatia has vaccinated more than 40% of adult citizens, and the prime minister said that after we reach 50%, most of the restrictions will be eased down completely.

Masks are not obligatory in outdoor places
Masks are not obligatory in outdoor places

Definitely yes. If you want to enjoy an intimate and peaceful atmosphere, you should visit as soon as possible, since I predict there will be many tourists in July and August, especially if the positive pandemic trends continue.

Take a coffee on Riva
Take a coffee on Riva

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