If you are planning to visit Split in 2021, you may wish to attend some cultural or musical events.
The pandemic had a great influence on the world of culture and music, but artisans in Split are doing the greatest efforts to prepare events for summer 2021.
We hope that the pandemic will cease completely in the next few weeks, meaning all the manifestations can be held without restrictions.

Split is the perfect place for vacation
Split is the perfect place for vacation

Table of Contents

  1. Split Summer Festival
  2. Solin Summer Festival
  3. Ultra Europe 2021
  4. Bacvice outdoor cinema
  5. Football matches on Poljud
  6. Concerts in Zenta club

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Split Summer Festival

The Split Summer Festival has been the most famous manifestation held every year in Split during July and August.
It consists of various cultural and musical events conducted in multiple locations in Split. The schedule will be shown on the official website of the festival.
If you are the type of person who likes theater, art, and music, you should not skip this amazing manifestation.

Another manifestation, similar to the first one, is called the Solin Summer Festival. It is held on multiple locations in Solin, a small town located only a few kilometres away from Split.
Some of the events are free, while others are paid. You can check the schedule on the official website of Solin.

Ultra Europe is scheduled for early July 2021. Although the organizers did not cancel the event, it's still not clear how will it be held, considering the pandemic. Usually, Ultra Europe is held in 3 nights and it has more than 100 thousand visitors every year.
The epidemiological situation in Croatia is currently good, but having that kind of event only a few weeks after the third wave peak may be considered risky. And no one wants the fourth wave of the pandemic to appear.
Additionally, only events with 100 people or less are currently allowed to be held in Croatia.
Let's see in the upcoming days and weeks what is going to happen with Ultra Europe 2021.
UPDATE: Ultra Europe 2021 is canceled.

If you are the type of person who likes watching movies, you should not miss Bacvice outdoor cinema projections.
The cinema is located only a few meters away from the most famous beach in Split called Bacvice. There are all kinds of projections, including old and new movies of all genres.
Check the schedule of Bacvice cinema.

Football club Hajduk is more than just a favorite football club for people in Split: it's a kind of a symbol of the town. Hajduk will play qualifications for the new UEFA conference league this summer: the games are scheduled for July 22 and July 29. One of them will be played on Poljud. If you will be in Split at that time, I recommend going to Poljud and feeling the magnificent atmosphere created by Torcida, the Hajduk's group of fans.

One of the favorite nightlife spots both for domestic people and foreign visitors of Split is a club called Zenta. During the summer season, Zenta organizes concerts and performances of foreign and domestic singers and DJs. I am sure you will find something appealing in 2021. Check Zenta Facebook page for schedule and more info.

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