Poljica is a small coastal village located in the southern part of Marina municipality, 30 kilometres north of Split.
The place is ideal for summer family vacations since it features nice coast, beaches, and all kinds of accommodation options, from affordable private apartments to luxury decorated villas with pools.

Coast in Poljica
Coast in Poljica

How to get to Poljica

The easiest way to reach the place is by car. You need to drive on the coastal road D8. 10 kilometres south of Trogir, you will notice the sign to turn to the village.
The other option is to take a bus from Split, Trogir, or any other major Dalmatian town.
The nearest airport is Split Airport, located less than 10 kilometres away from Poljica.

Beaches in Poljica are mostly pebble and concrete.
Some of the apartments are located just a few meters away from the sea, which is ideal for those looking to spend most of their time on the beach.

There is a coffee bar and ice cream shop just above the beach, where you can enjoy your favourite drink after a swimming session.

Beach in Poljica
Beach in Poljica

The main economic activities in the village are tourism and agriculture.
The most featured products of agriculture are traditional Mediterranean specialities: olive oil and wine.

The Church of St. Luke is an interesting monument from the Gothic period located in the south part of the village.

Church of St. Luke
Church of St. Luke

Another monumental building is the church of St. Joseph, located above the road in the sub-village called Vrsine.

St. Joseph's church
St. Joseph's church

Poljica is a great destination for cyclists as well - the whole Marina municipality features lots of road and MTB trails.
September and October are usually the most beautiful months of the year for this activity.

Marina is the nearest big destination of Poljica. There you can do the shopping and find other facilities which are not available in the village.

Trogir is a small charming UNESCO-listed town located less than 10 kilometres away from Poljica. Visitors love its old town, fortress Kamerlengo, and Cathedral of St. Lawrence, which is a romanesque masterpiece of art.

Primosten is a small picturesque Mediterranean town worth visiting from Poljica. It features restaurants with the highest quality Mediterranean specialities.

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