Arbanija is a small settlement located on the north side of Ciovo Island. It's a tourist destination ideal for a quiet and relaxing family vacation.

Arbanija beach experience
Arbanija beach experience
Ciovo island rocky shapes
Ciovo island rocky shapes

Table of Contents

  1. Location and how to get to Arbanija
  2. Restaurants in Arbanija
  3. Church and monastery of the Holy Cross
  4. Accommodation in Arbanija

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Location and how to get to Arbanija

The easiest way to reach the place is by car. After passing Trogir - Ciovo bridge, you need to turn left and drive for a few minutes.
There are only a few public parking spots available in the village, so it is important to have one reserved while booking accommodation.
The alternative to car arrival is the local bus line operated by Promet Split. Check the schedule on Promet Split website. The relevant line is number 42, which ends in Slatine.

Pebble beaches on Ciovo island
Pebble beaches on Ciovo island

The village features restaurants located just near the sea. The atmosphere of eating favourite food while enjoying the sounds of sea waves is a kind of a dream holiday for many people.
Buffet Palandra offers an affordable food menu, which includes pizza, burgers, and fish dishes. It's located in the vicinity of the Holy Cross church.

Unlike more fancy destinations like Trogir and Split, Arbanija is the perfect spot for relaxation and enjoying sun, sea, and beach time in a more intimate fashon.
Even during the high tourist season, this place is not as crowded as more popular tourist venues.

The beaches in the village are a combination of concrete, pebble, and rocky shapes. Some of them have trees, which provide shade even during the hot sunny hours.

Small harbour and beach in Arbanija
Small harbour and beach in Arbanija

The most monumental building in the village is the Dominican church and monastery of the Holy Cross. It was built in the 15th century in Gothic style during the regime of Venice.
The Dominican monks are not there anymore; they moved to Trogir.
Mass is held in the church on special occasions. The main feast is celebrated on the first Friday after Ascension.
The church is visited by pilgrims from Split and nearby areas due to a miracle that was noted in the monastery's records on Holy Saturday in 1600. More people saw blood on the cross.

The village's origin is strongly related to the monastery's construction: the Dominican monks who arrived there in the 15the century were the first inhabitants. It is said that they brought their families and workers who were supposed to take care of their land, so the village population started to grow.

Church and monastery of the Holy Cross
Church and monastery of the Holy Cross
Church and monastery side view
Church and monastery side view

The best accommodation option in the village is hotel Sveti Kriz (Holy Cross hotel), located in the north part of the place, on the border with nearby village Mastrinka. It features apartments with a sea view and a restaurant near the sea.
Just as in other tourist destinations in Croatia, most of the accommodation options are apartments managed by private owners.

Holy Cross hotel
Holy Cross hotel

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