June is a lovely month to visit Croatia. While still being quiet, it offers all the facilities necessary for the perfect vacation.

Split Peristyle square is always busy
Split Peristyle square is always busy
Tourist groups in Trogir
Tourist groups in Trogir

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  1. Famous destinations in June 2022
  2. Small beach destinations in June 2022
  3. Tourism prices in June 2022

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Famous destinations in June 2022

Popular destinations like Dubrovnik, Zadar, and Split already have fully active tourist seasons. Nightclubs, restaurants, and excursions are operational. While the most glamorous events like the Ultra Europe festival and Split Summer festival will take place later in July and August, this month will offer plenty of events which are not that famous. Check list of events in Split in June.
Many will prefer this kind of an experience over the crowded atmosphere later in July when it is difficult to find a free spot on a beach.

Zadar is loved by visitors in June
Zadar is loved by visitors in June
Dubrovnik tourism is active all year long
Dubrovnik tourism is active all year long

Smaller places like Primosten, Trogir, and Rogoznica are still mostly quiet in June. The sea is usually warm enough for swimming, above 20 degrees Celsius. Those who like staying on a beach without crowds will love this part of the year. All the coffee shops and restaurants are open, and ready to receive visitors.

Bacvice beach in June 2022
Bacvice beach in June 2022

As all of us know, the inflation trend has been harassing Europe over the last few months. Although the prices of fuel and food are higher than the last year, people from the tourist sector are trying hard to keep the prices of their services at the current level, or at least, minimize the increase.
Restaurant and accommodation owners are aware of the difficulty of the situation for the visitors who are already strongly affected by the expensive fuel. Especially those who travel to Croatia by car from destinations like Poland and Slovakia will have to pay a notable amount for travelling.

June prices for accommodation are usually lower than July and August - that's another reason to come to Croatia these days, and enjoy the early vibes of the 2022 summer season.

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