Biokovo Nature Park and its main attraction Skywalk will remain closed for visitors till June 2022.

The spectacular glass promenade, which was the top Croatian attraction in 2021, was supposed to reopen in April or May, but as PP Biokovo writes, the opening is postponed to the beginning of June 2022 due to construction work on Biokovo Road.

This is really a piece of bad news for all tourists who were planning to visit Croatia this month since the Skywalk is a kind of a place that should not be skipped.

Skywalk offers an amazing experience of an adrenaline walk "in the sky", featuring a panoramic view of Makarska Riviera and nearby areas.

If you plan to visit Dalmatia in June or later, schedule one afternoon for this awesome place.

Except for the Skywalk, Biokovo mountain will offer you a variety of tourist facilities, including hiking and cycle trails, a restaurant called Vrata Biokova with a good food choice etc.
You can visit the park by car, bike, or in a tourist group.

Find more info in our Biokovo Skywalk guide.

Biokovo Skywalk will open in June 2022
Biokovo Skywalk will open in June 2022

Zvonimr Peran     2022-04-21

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