Firule is a sandy beach located in Split, in the district of the same name. Often referred to as a smaller sister of Bacvice beach, Firule is a bit more local and intimate tourist spot ideal for those who want to avoid the hype of the more glamourous Split beaches.

Firule is nice sandy beach
Firule is nice sandy beach

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  1. Beach Firule facilities

Beach Firule facilities

As already mentioned, Firule is a sandy beach with small concrete parts. It's a favourite among all generations, both families with children and young visitors who arrived in Split for holidays.

Firule is loved by locals and visitors
Firule is loved by locals and visitors

Located not far away from Bacvice, Firule is less than 2 kilometres away from the town centre and its Diocletian Palace. That means that it can be reached on foot by those who reside in the town centre.
Those who arrive by car can park above the beach since there are available free parking spots.

Walkway between Firule and Bacvice
Walkway between Firule and Bacvice

Mythos and Tennis are two beach bars located just above the beach. The prices are affordable - you will pay less than 2 euros for a coffee in Tennis bar.
Except for the affordable prices, both bars feature a nice exterior design and panoramic view of the nearby coast.

Coffee bar Tennis
Coffee bar Tennis

There is a promenade above the beach which connects Firule to Bacvice and the town centre. It's ideal for a nice romantic evening walk or jogging session.

The beach features all the necessary tourist facilities; there are swimsuit change places and free showers.

Famous nightclub Zenta is located only a few hundred meters away from the beach. It is a favourite night spot both for locals and tourists. In August 2022, Zenta is closed due to legal issues, but we expect it to reopen soon.

Concrete part of Firule beach
Concrete part of Firule beach

Another facility located just above the beach is a sports centre with a tennis court. Tennis players will find Firule to be a perfect spot for refreshment after a game.

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