When you come in Sibenik prepare yourself for a walk through old town. There is interesting stuff to see there.
Šibenik was first mentioned in 1066., so some of the attractions are almost millennium old. But most of them were built during the Venetian rule of Šibenik which began with the Venetian conquest of Šibenik in 1412. and ended with the dissolution of the Venetian state in 1797.

View of Sibenik from Barone fortress
View of Sibenik from Barone fortress

Table of Contents

  1. What to visit in Šibenik old town
  2. Restaurants and bars
  3. How to get to the old town of Šibenik

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What to visit in Šibenik old town

Here is a list of the most popular attractions in the old town:

  • St. Michael's Fortress is the second most popular attraction in the old town. You need to pay ticket for visiting it. Single ticket is also valid for visiting Barone fortress.
  • St.Francis Church and Monastery are located near main square called Poljana. There is also a museum within the church where Šibenik Prayer can be found. It is one of the first monuments of Croatian literature.
  • There are dozens of churches, palaces, and small architectural details from the Renaissance and Baroque times. The famous Pelegrini palace nowadays is a place of the famous restaurant in Sibenik. Around a few hundred meters away from the cathedral there are the churches of the Holy Cross and St. Dominic.
    The prince's palace, also located close to the cathedral, is converted into a city museum.

St Francis Church and monastery
St Francis Church and monastery
View of the Cathedral from fortress
View of the Cathedral from fortress
old city streets
old city streets

You will probably want to take some break and have your favourite drink while in Šibenik. The bars are everywhere. Prices are reasonable for drinks. Depending on your bar choice, you may pay 1-2 euro for coffee and 2-3 euro for beer. High-quality wines are more expensive.
Hoverer, if you want to take some food, be more deliberate when choosing a restaurant and food. Restaurants charge lots of money for Mediterranean specialties such as ones containing olive oil.

It depends on the location of your accommodation. If you are just a few kilometers away from the city, then I recommend to go by foot or take a bike. You can take a car, but you will pay 1-2 euro/hour for parking.
When you come to the old town, feel free to walk in any direction. Wherever you go, you will find something attractive. You will not get lost because the old city is not really big.

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