Diocletian's Palace, the most imposing attraction of Split, is a perfectly good reason to come in the town, either for a day visit or weeks-long holiday.
Listed as UNESCO heritage site, the palace has been attracting thousands of tourists over the last few years (not counting 2020 when there were only a few visitors).

The main attraction inside the palace is Split Peristyle square, which delights all generations of travellers. The square is one of the best-preserved places in the world which unveils the experience of Roman culture from ancient times. You can see how extraordinary it is from the photo below, but I can guarantee it's a hundred times more appealing when observed live.

Split Peristyle November 2020
Split Peristyle November 2020

2. Reduced number of visitors in Split

As we hope, 2021 should be a much better year for travel than 2020. But it's already clear that there will be no mass tourism which we were used to before the pandemic.

That's an excellent chance for all those who have a deeper desire for sightseeing to immerse fully into the atmosphere and culture of the town. You will observe the beauty of Split in its true fashion, with more local experience, rather than being part of a crowd of thousands of people who used to walk on Split Riva during the summer season.

Split Riva is a lovely place
Split Riva is a lovely place

Apartment renters already know it will not be easy to fully book their holiday facilities in 2021, so they have no choice but to reduce the prices in order to attract visitors. This opens up opportunities for everyone to find affordable and quality accommodation, even in the nice locations like beach Bacvice, or Diocletian's Palace.

Split is a sea town
Split is a sea town

Beaches are the second most appealing attraction of a tourist offer in Split, after the Diocletian's Palace. Some of them feature amazing natural beauty, like beach Kasjuni, which is located at the south side of Marjan hill.

Bacvice is a sandy beach with a long tradition and interesting history. The beach is a birthplace of a game called Picigin, which is listed as UNESCO non-material heritage of Croatia.

Bene is a concrete beach located inside the Marjan park, with trees providing shade all day long.

No matter which one you choose from the beaches mentioned above, you will have a great time, either alone or with your friends and family.

Beach Kasjuni
Beach Kasjuni

Biokovo Skywalk is the most glamours Croatian attraction in 2021. Luckily for visitors of Split, the sight is located only 100 kilometres away from the town and can be reached within 2 hours. The spectacular promenade, which is made entirely of glass, is a mix of excitement and fear for some.

Game of Thrones fans will not miss a day trip to Klis fortress, one of the locations where the series took place. Another GoT location is St. Nicholas fortress in Sibenik.

For those who stay in Split longer than a week, I recommend visiting nearby islands Brac and Hvar. Both of them are a source of amazing sights, beaches and Meditteranean culture, which can be experienced best on the islands.

At the end, I would mention another UNESCO town located in the vicinity of Split called Trogir. Featuring extraordinary Romanesque Cathedral and fortress, Trogir is a perfect place for a day trip for everyone who enjoys cultural sights and architecture.

Biokovo Skywalk
Biokovo Skywalk

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