Sibenik has become a popular tourist destination over the last few years.
Here are 5 reasons why should you visit this small charming town in 2021.

Sibenik Riva
Sibenik Riva

Table of Contents

  1. Cathedral of St. James
  2. Sibenik fortresses
  3. The atmosphere of a calm Mediterranean town
  4. Natural attractions in Sibenik
  5. Beaches in Sibenik

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Cathedral of St. James

The Cathedral of St. James has always been a recognisable symbol of Sibenik. This gothic-renaissance masterpiece of art is part of UNESCO listed heritage and a unique example of stone usage in European architecture.

The cathedral was built in the 15th century, and its construction lasted more than 100 years. The reason for such a long period is lack of money and wars: at that time there was a constant danger from Turkish attacks.
The cathedral is constructed as a three-nave basilica.

There are a few facts of high tourist interest related to the cathedral: the dome of the cathedral, which is a renaissance masterpiece of art, is the first thing you will notice when you look at the cathedral from a long distance.
Another interesting detail is the construction style: the cathedral is entirely built of stone, which is a unique example in European architecture.

Except for being known as the architectural masterpiece, the cathedral is featured by the sculptural work of Juraj Dalmatianc, a famous Italian sculptor and architect. He carved 73 human heads on the outer walls of the cathedral. Those people are still unknown today. It is said that those were citizens of Sibenik during his time.

Sibenik Cathedral
Sibenik Cathedral

Another important ace of tourism in Sibenik are fortresses. There are four of them in the town: Fortress Barone, St. John, St. Nicholas, and St. Michael.
Counting the fact that such a small town like Sibenik has 4 fortresses is indicating how important its strategic position was during history.

Fortress Barone is located in the district called Subicevac. An interesting fact about this fortress is its construction time. It was finished in 60 days, mostly by domestic people.
In the 17th century, there was a strong Turkis threat in Europe. People in Sibenik felt they needed one more fortification building. Venice, which was at that time ruling over the Dalmatian coast, didn't really pay attention to Sibenik's people longing. That's why citizens built it almost entirely by themselves. Their effort paid off, and the Turkish army never conquered the town.

Barone features an amazing panoramic view over St. Anthony's channel and Sibenik bridge. Another point is the museum with the technology of augmented reality, which is used to demonstrate a battle of Sibenik that took place in the 17th century.

St. John's fortress is still in a process of reconstruction which should be finished next year.

St. Michael's fortress is the oldest in the town. Just as Barone, it features a panoramic view of Sibenik bay and the town. There are educational boards which you can use to find out more about its history.

St. Nicholas fortress is another masterpiece of architecture that was included in the UNESCO heritage sites list a few years ago.
Unfortunately, the only way to enter the fortress in 2021 is to take an organised boat tour from Sibenik Riva. The landing entrance is still under the construction.

St. Michael's fortress
St. Michael's fortress

Sibenik doesn't have a status of glamorous tourist destination yet, like Dubrovnik does. It is an advantage for those who want to enjoy a peaceful Mediterranean atmosphere while on vacation.
Taking a walk on Sibenik's Riva during early evening hours is real relaxation. While walking, you can enjoy the sunset and the sound of the waves hitting the coast. There is no loud music from the nightclubs or any unnecessary noise.

Sibenik is charming town
Sibenik is charming town

When considering the natural attractions of Sibenik, the first thing worth mentioning is St. Anthony's channel. The channel boasts amazing beauty. There is a promenade alongside the channel, which is ideal for cycling, running, family and romantic walks. At the end of the promenade, there is St. Nicholas fortress. Unfortunately, you can only observe it from outside, since there is no landing entrance yet.

There are 2 national parks in the vicinity of Sibenik town: Krka and Kornati.
National Park Krka is a must-see place for people who arrive in Sibenik for a multi-day vacation. The easiest way to approach the park is by car, or you can take a bus from the bus station in Sibenik as well.

St. Anthony's channel
St. Anthony's channel

In the vicinity of the old town, there is a beach called Banj, which was built 10 years ago. That's the perfect spot for sunbathing and swimming for all visitors who reside in the old town.

Another city beach is called Jadrija, and it is located at the entrance to St. Anthony's channel. The easiest way to reach this beach is a boat line from Sibenik Riva.

There are many attractive beaches in the neighbourhood of Sibenik. Solaris beach is considered to be one of the most prominent on the whole Adriatic coast. Except for the great pebble beach, this place is known for many tourist facilities like Aquapark, swimming pools, sports etc. The drawback of Solaris is the high price of all services.

In the vicinity of Sibenik, there is another small charming Mediterranean town called Vodice, which is a popular destination among young domestic and foreign visitors. Beaches in Vodice feature live DJs playing music all day long.

Beach Banj New Year's Day swimming
Beach Banj New Year's Day swimming

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A small charming town located in Dalmatia, called Sibenik, will be a top tourist hit of Croatia in 2021.
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