Trogir is one of the small beautiful coastal towns in Croatia, which has been known as a top summer destination, either for younger or older visitors of Croatia. I decided to take a walk around the town on July 7, 2020, to check how did it look like after coronavirus pandemic, and whether visitors were having a good time.

Atmosphere is good on Trogir's Riva in 2020
Atmosphere is good on Trogir's Riva in 2020

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  1. How does Trogir look like in July 2020
  2. Should you visit Trogir in 2020

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How does Trogir look like in July 2020

As soon as I approached the town, I could feel the vibe in the town was good. There were many visitors who were feeling safe and enjoying the Mediterranean atmosphere of Trogir. I would say that number of tourists was reduced up to 50%, which is a great fact since it's easy to maintain social distance between groups of people.

Trogir's main square is lovely place in 2020
Trogir's main square is lovely place in 2020

All the bars and restaurants in the town are open and ready to welcome visitors.

People are having a good time in bars in Trogir
People are having a good time in bars in Trogir

As you can see from the photos, Riva in Trogir is lively this year as well, with fewer visitors than last year. I believe the town is even more beautiful due to the lack of crowds and hype which was present before the pandemic.

Trogir's Riva is a nice place for a walk
Trogir's Riva is a nice place for a walk

Two monumental buildings in Trogir, Cathedral of St. Lawrence and fortress Kamerlengo, are open, and they are worth visiting this year as well.

Fortress Kamerlengo is worth visiting
Fortress Kamerlengo is worth visiting
Radovan's portal is masterpiece of art in Trogir
Radovan's portal is masterpiece of art in Trogir

Despite the pandemic, travel agencies organise trips from Trogir. The number of passengers on those excursions has been halved in order to comply with epidemiological restrictions and maintaining social distance.

The answer is YES. The town is more beautiful than ever, and with a reduced number of people, visitors feel safe and enjoy its atmosphere more intimately.

We recommend checking for accommodation deals in Trogir on since many apartment renters decided to reduce their price in order to attract visitors who come in smaller numbers this year, and who have lots of accommodation choices.

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