It's been a quite long time since the coronavirus pandemic started in Croatia. More than a year-long we were under restrictions, living life much differently than we used to live before the pandemic.

And now, in July 2021, I am happy to say that things are back to normal in Split. Visitors are back in huge numbers, nightclubs have reopened, and the atmosphere is charming again.

Split town
Split town

Who can visit Split in July 2021

As of July 2021, everyone who took the vaccine, who recently had the coronavirus, or who can show a negative PCR test can enter Croatia. For a full info, check the official website related to the pandemic.

Nightlife is fully back in Split in July 2021.
Outdoor nightclubs can work unlimited hours, just as before the pandemic.

For many visitors of Split, bar Inbox is a first early night destination. It's an outdoor club located only a few hundred meters away from the main bus station in Split. The bar starts playing music at 9 pm, while many people gather around 10 - 11.

Inbox closes around midnight, and the next destination is club Bacvice, located at the beach of the same name. The distance is only a few hundred meters. You can stay at Bacvice club until 4 am when the club closes.

Some of the locals and foreigners enjoy socializing on the beach instead of going to the club.

Unfortunately, Ultra Europe, one of the most famous festivals in the world, has been cancelled in 2021, since the gathering of 100 thousand people in one place is still considered problematic.
UPDATE July 26, 2021: Nightclubs working hours have been restricted up to midnight

bar Inbox
bar Inbox
bar Bacvice
bar Bacvice

Split is the town of amazing beaches, and nothing has been significantly changed in that perspective. Beaches Bacvice and Kasjuni are the most famous (and most crowded as well), while beach Bene, located at the foot of Marjan hill, is more intimate, and provides shade of the trees.

Beach Kasjuni is lovely
Beach Kasjuni is lovely

July 2021 is the perfect time to enjoy the cultural attractions of Split. The town is not crowded yet, and everyone is having a good time while walking on Riva, or exploring the Diocletian's Palace. Come here as soon as possible to experience these amazing vibes of early summer 2021.

You can take an organized tour around the town these days (excursions are allowed again), or visit some of the nearby towns or islands. Split offers a variety of day trip options.

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