The last of the four fortresses in Sibenik, St. John's fortress, has finished the reconstruction phase, and now is open and ready to receive visitors. That's a piece of good news for all travellers who plan to come to Sibenik this summer and explore its fascinating old town and fortification system which is going to be hand-to-hand with glamorous Dubrovnik's fortification.

Coffee bar with panoramic view
Coffee bar with panoramic view

History of St. John's fortress

Just like the nearby fortress Barone, St. John's fortress was built for the purpose of defence against the Ottoman invasion that took place in 1647.

People in Sibenik built it with their own hands, without the help of the Venetian government, which at that time ruled over Sibenik and Dalmatia. The construction lasted only two months.

Ottoman Empire lost the battle of Sibenik in 1647, and they were forced to retreat back to the interior of Dalmatia. They never managed to conquer the town.

Panoramic view from the fortress
Panoramic view from the fortress

The fortress features a coffee bar at affordable prices.
You can have a panoramic view of St. Anthony's Channel and the old town while enjoying your favourite drink.

This fortress is the most spacious, meaning it can receive many visitors at once. It is yet to see if there will be any events and concerts organised there.
There is a free guided tour around the fortress every day at 7 pm. You can find out more about the history of the fortress, its construction phases, and more facts about the mentioned battle in 1647.

St.John's fortress is spacious
St.John's fortress is spacious
Inside the fortress
Inside the fortress

Entrance to the fortress is free for all visitors in June 2022.
The fortress is open every day from 2 pm to 9 pm, and during weekends from 9 am to 9 pm.

Sibenik is becoming more popular among visitors
Sibenik is becoming more popular among visitors

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