March is the first month of a year with more intense tourist activity in Croatia. With its warm spring weather, it's perfect for those who enjoy sightseeing in a more comfortable fashion, rather than being part of the crowds which are common during the high tourist season.

People enjoy walking on Split Riva
People enjoy walking on Split Riva

Split old town in March 2022

While walking alongside the old town of Split and its magnificent Diocletian's Palace, I could notice that the first guests are there. Furthermore, I could notice the tourists sightseeing in a guided group, which is a phenomenon that hasn't been around since the start of the pandemic.

Just as expected, people have a good time in the town. Some of them are fascinated by the cultural attractions, while the others are just sitting in a coffee bar or walking on Riva and enjoying the sun and sea.

Tourist groups are back in Split after the pandemic
Tourist groups are back in Split after the pandemic

Nightlife is probably the only aspect of life that is still heavily affected by coronavirus restrictions. As of March 15, the nightclub's working time is still limited to midnight in Croatia. That means that some clubs are closed, while the others work only as bars and must close at midnight.

The good news is that situation with the pandemic in Croatia is getting better, and we expect this restriction to be lifted in the upcoming weeks, maybe even before April 1.

UPDATE March 17: Nightclubs are now allowed to work till 2 am.

Lovely Split Piazza square
Lovely Split Piazza square
Admired sculpture of Marko Marulic
Admired sculpture of Marko Marulic

The sea is not enough warm for swimming for most people: only high courageous individuals decide to enter the cold water these days.
Even if you don't find yourself part of that group, you can have a good time on the beach, either just by walking on the promenade near the sea or enjoying your favourite drink in some of the beach bars around.

Beach Bacvice is still empty
Beach Bacvice is still empty
Split Peristyle has many visitors
Split Peristyle has many visitors

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