It's been a widely known fact that Split is among the top destinations in Croatia. However, the pandemic has significantly influenced the identity of tourist spots in Croatia, and Split is not an exception.
I decided to take a walk around the town to feel its atmosphere and to check if the tourists have arrived.

Relaxed atmosphere on Split Riva
Relaxed atmosphere on Split Riva

Table of Contents

  1. The walk on Riva
  2. Diocletian's Palace
  3. Marjan forest park
  4. Should you visit Split in spring 2021

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The walk on Riva

While walking on Riva, I feel the idyl of Split. Most of the people were young students which enjoyed the sunny afternoon. They didn't seem to be too much distressed by the pandemic, which is not that strange: we know that older people are victims of this pandemic, both medically and financially.
There were many people on Riva, but it was not crowded. There were only a few foreign visitors, mostly speaking the English language. The experience of a visit is fully local these days.
This kind of atmosphere is perfect for those who enjoy a peaceful experience of the trip; those who like crowded and noisy experience will have to wait for different times.

An interesting fact is that coffee bars are not playing loud music these days: the overall experience of the town these days is calm, and peaceful - the real joy for those who like this kind of vacation.

People have good time in RIva
People have good time in RIva

The most famous attraction of Split, Diocletian's Palace does not have many visitors these days. Locals prefer walking on Riva over the Palace, while foreign visitors, which are imposed by the palace, haven't yet arrived in Split. That means that this time is a great opportunity for those who like sightseeing in a more intimate atmosphere to arrive in Split and adore magnificent monuments of Roman culture, like Split Peristyle, and the Golden Gate.

Diocletian's Palace is a place of important historical events for Europe in the 4th and 5th century. The notorious Roman emperor Diocletian built his residence in Split, where he spent the last few years of his life. He was prosecuting the Christians at that time. One of them was St. Dominus (Dujam), which was killed because of his faith. At first, he was buried in ancient Salona, near Split. A few centuries later Christians brought his bones to the mausoleum of Diocletian, which became Split Cathedral.

Marko Marulic monument inside the palace
Marko Marulic monument inside the palace

If you decide to stay in Split for more than 3 days, which I recommend you do, then you will need some recreation. Marjan is a perfect place for that purpose. These days Marjan is more intimate and mystical than it used to be over the last few years: while climbing this mountain, you feel its charming and relaxing atmosphere. If you are courageous enough, you can swim at the beach Kasjuni, although the temperature of the sea is below 20 degrees Celsius.

If you like sightseeing ancient Roman culture in an intimate atmosphere in a more individual manner, the answer is yes. The town of Split will offer you plenty of joy and great experiences.
You will have a chance to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the town, and come back home with new insights. You will have a chance to feel the authentic Roman history while having great food and bars opportunities as well.

Those who want to visit Split for clubbing or any other kind of gatherings will have to wait for some time; only gatherings which have a permission from the government can be held until the pandemic situation gets better.

Piazza square
Piazza square

Zvonimr Peran     2021-03-27

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