Split is known to be one of the Croatian tourist destinations which do not live only during the peak summer season (alongside Dubrovnik). Many visitors who come to Split in September and October enjoy a more intimate and fresh experience of the visit, while having an option to participate in all tourist facilities which usually remain active until November.

I took a walk around Split on September 7, 2021, to check the atmosphere of the town.

Everyone has a great time on Riva
Everyone has a great time on Riva

Experience of Split in September 2021

Split is fully active in September 2021, and there are many visitors from all over the world. The first week of September this year has probably been the busiest ever, which is quite unbelievable, considering the coronavirus pandemic in Europe and the world.
It seems that the visitors are feeling safe here; the pandemic situation in Croatia has been under control over the last few months.

There are only a few restrictions still being applied: masks are obligatory in all indoor spaces, and nightclubs can work only up to midnight. All the other facilities, including excursions, are fully active, just as before the pandemic.

Split Peristyle
Split Peristyle

Split Riva is probably the most lovely place in the town. In September 2021, it's an especially enjoyable experience to take a walk on Riva. There are many foreign visitors and locals of all generations, and everyone is feeling relaxed while having a good time.
Come here as soon as possible to experience these amazing vibes of late summer 2021.

Riva is lovely place
Riva is lovely place

Just as expected, beaches are not crowded since the weather is windier and the sea is a bit colder than during August.
If you like a bit colder swimming experience, you will like Split beaches these days even more than during hot summer times.

Beach Bacvice is not crowded in September
Beach Bacvice is not crowded in September

Like I mentioned before, all tourist facilities are active in Split till November (some are active all year long). Excursions to nearby towns Trogir and Sibenik, and islands Brac and Hvar are even more appealing due to fresh weather. If you are planning to stay in Split for more than 3 days, I would recommend taking at least one of these trips.

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