January is a month of low tourist activity in Croatia. But for those who are available for travel these days, it may be a really nice and intimate experience to visit some of the famous destinations which are usually crowded during the summer season. The prices are affordable, and the weather is sunny and warm enough for sightseeing.

Split Riva in January
Split Riva in January

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  1. Split old town in January 2022
  2. Epidemiological restrictions in Split
  3. Nightlife in January 2022

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Split old town in January 2022

While walking around the most famous attractions, I could notice that the town is living more of a local life these days. There are only a few foreign visitors who are enjoying this kind of experience which cannot be felt during the summer season. People can walk freely around the Diocletian's Palace, and experience its attractions in a more comfortable fashion.

You can immerse yourself in the culture of the town and feel its identity and mentality. If you know a few Croatian words, you may notice that the main topic is always football club Hajduk, which is a kind of a symbol of the town.

This kind of atmosphere is perfect for young married people to have a nice and intimate vacation.

Find more info about places to visit in my Split travel guide.

Split Peristyle in January 2022
Split Peristyle in January 2022

Life is mostly back to normal in Croatia, after the fifth wave of the pandemic. The public gatherings are still limited, and only those who can show a digital COVID certificate may be allowed to attend events or visit facilities like a public library. The certificate is not necessary for bars, shops, and restaurants.
All the events must finish at midnight.

Piazza square
Piazza square

Just as in the other towns and countries, the nightlife in Split is one of the most affected aspects of life. Many clubs are temporarily closed, while the others work only as coffee bars. Events are not organised due to epidemiological restrictions. We hope it is going to change soon since the epidemiological situation is getting better, and the restrictions are expected to be lifted in the upcoming days.
Find the list of events in Split on infozona website.

Split coast
Split coast

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