Usually during April, Split has been a favorite tourist destination for domestic and foreign visitors who enjoy the quiet atmosphere of preseason. As we all know, things are a bit different in 2021 in the world, and Split is not exception.

I decided to take a walk around on April 23, 2021, to check how does the town of St. Dominus, as Split is used to be called, look like during the third wave of the pandemic in Croatia.

Riva in Split is still not filled with people
Riva in Split is still not filled with people

Table of Contents

  1. Riva in Split
  2. Split Peristyle
  3. Day trips from Split

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Riva in Split

If you want to know and feel the atmosphere of Split, you should take a walk at the Riva, promenade near the sea in the center of the town. It's the main point of the town, where you can sense if everything is going well in the town, and if the citizens are feeling bothered by any kind of a problem.

When comparing situation in Split with other European towns, everything in Split is quite liberal. Although the public gatherings are prohibited, coffee bars and restaurants are open, and filled with people.

Even during the normal working hours, there are many people in the coffee bars, chatting about various topics. That's the lifestyle of Split, and the other towns in Dalmatia.

Split RIva
Split RIva

Foreign visitors have already arrived in Split - althought not in a huge numbers yet.
I could hear visitors speaking English, French and eastern European languages.

Fruit square with Marco Marulic sculpture
Fruit square with Marco Marulic sculpture

Unfortunately, those who look for a bigger public gatherings, which are common in Split during spring and summer in normal times, will not be able to enjoy that kind of an experience this year. But for those who are ready for a more individual expeditions, those limitations are not a kind of trouble. Even more, some people will like this quiet and intimate atmosphere of travel.

Entrance to the Cathedral
Entrance to the Cathedral

Split Peristyle, the most beautiful square in Split, is more appealing than ever before.
Instead of a huge number of people who usually visit the place in April, these days there are only a few individuals, couples, and small groups around.
They seem to be pretty excited with this kind of experience, which is no wonder. Peristyle is no worse than the most beautiful squares in Rome. And these days tourists can sightsee it without the crowds.
I would say that Peristyle itself is a good enough reason to visit Split.

Split Peristyle
Split Peristyle

If you want to take a multi day vacation in Split, you will for sure consider day trip options. I recommend taking a tour to Trogir and fortress Klis. Both places feature interesting history and culture.

Trogir main square
Trogir main square

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