The peak summer season 2021 in Croatia is behind us, and now the perfect time comes for those who enjoy more intimate experience of travel.
If you are that kind of person, and you are looking for your travel destination in September, consider Primosten, a small coastal town located between bigger destinations Sibenik and Split.

Can you reisist Primosten beauty
Can you reisist Primosten beauty

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  1. Experience of Primosten in September 2021
  2. How about day trips from Primosten

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Experience of Primosten in September 2021

The town will not be crowded as it was during the peak summer season. The weather will not be that hot, meaning you will be able to spend all day outside and enjoy the beauty of the old town and beaches.

Primosten offers you a variety of options for sightseeing and vacation. Beaches are among the most beautiful in Croatia. The town is known for the production of the highest quality olive oil and red wine. You can taste it in any of the restaurants located in the old town.

The epidemiological situation in late August in Croatia is stable, and all visitors are feeling safe. Only a few restrictions are still being applied. The most important ones are an obligation to wear a mask in all indoor spaces, and limited working hours for bars and restaurants up to midnight.
In nutshell, visitors are not too much bothered by the pandemic in Croatia these days. Life is mostly back to normal, especially for those who are vaccinated and have digital COVID confirmation.

View around Primosten
View around Primosten
Primosten features nice restaurants
Primosten features nice restaurants

If you decide to stay in Primosten for a week or longer, which I recommend you to do, then you will have an opportunity to visit some of the nearby bigger destinations which offer a perfect travel experience in September as well. The places which should not be missed are Sibenik, Trogir, and Split. All of these can be easily visited by bus from Primosten.

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