If you read Croatian media these days, you will hardly miss noticing all the hype that has been created around the construction of Peljesac Bridge (Peljeski Most).

The project that has been in progress for more than 5 years is now reaching its final phase, which is a piece of great news for all domestic people and tourists who travel to south Croatia by car or bus.

More people will travel to Dubrovnik due to Peljesac Bridge construction
More people will travel to Dubrovnik due to Peljesac Bridge construction

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  2. Peljesac Bridge opening date

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Peljesac Bridge project importance

Everyone who has been travelling to south Croatia by car, for example for a visit to Dubrovnik, knows there is an obstacle on the way: border crossing to Bosnia & Herzegovina. Croatian territory is divided into two pieces by a small town in Herzegovina called Neum, and one who wants to get to south Croatia by car must pass the Neum corridor.

While the paper stuff on the border usually goes smoothly, during the summer season the procedure can take a quite lot of time, over an hour. That's a kind of an uncomfortable experience for all travellers who want to reach their destination as soon as possible. Especially those who go for a day visit to Dubrovnik from Split or some other Dalmatian town don't want to lose precious time waiting on the border.

The Peljesac Bridge is supposed to significantly reduce travel time to Dubrovnik and other south destinations, making them more appealing for a visit.

Dubrovnik has been known as a top Croatian tourist destination, and now even more people who stay in Dalmatia and have a car will want to visit this magnificent old town and its Medieval walls.

As HRT writes, Peljesac Bridge will officially open on July 26, 2022.
Although the bridge construction is fully finished, the access roads are not ready yet.
The bridge will be free for all vehicles.

More people will enjoy Dubrovnik this summer
More people will enjoy Dubrovnik this summer

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