If you find yourself in Brela and want to do some easy hiking, then you can climb the trail called Paths of ancient Berulia located in Brela Gornja village.

Table of Contents

  1. How to get to Paths of ancient Berulia
  2. What to know before hiking
  3. My experience of the trail

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How to get to Paths of ancient Berulia

The easiest way to reach the hiking trail is by car. You need to drive to a village called Upper Brela. If your starting point is the centre of Brela, then you need to drive a few kilometres alongside D8 road towards Split, and then turn right, from D8 to "Cesta Domovniskog Rata". After a few kilometres, you will see the sign "Putevima Drevne Berulije", which means Paths of ancient Berulia. The total distance between the centre of Brela and starting point of the trail is 11 kilometres.
You can leave your car somewhere near the road in Upper Brela.

Paths of ancient Berulia is considered to be an easy hiking trail, but it still requires the necessary preparation. Here is a list of things you should be aware of before hiking:

  • The trail approximately takes one hour to climb in one direction. It's length is 2.7 kilometres.
  • You need to take at least 1 litre of water per person.
  • Keep track of the weather forecast. Do not hike if the trail is wet, or there may be a probability of rain
  • Wear long pants because of the thorny plants which are common on the trail
  • Be sure to wear sneakers or other hiking shoes
  • Avoid climbing alone. The best option is to climb in a group
  • Do not interact with animals
While hiking, you will come across instructional boards describing the ancient settlements that were located along the trail.
The starting point is the church of Our Lady of Health, and the last point is the church of St. Nicholas. From there, you can return back, or take a trail that continues all the way to the Brela.

I decided to climb Paths of ancient Berulia trail on September 26, 2019. I started hiking at 4 pm. The weather was good, and it was not too hot, ideal for hiking. It took me an hour to reach the church of St. Nicholas. I wanted to take another trail which leads to Brela, but since it was 5 pm, I was aware that it would soon be dark, so I came back the same way.

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